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3 years ago
This game got crapped on at the get go in usually Pinside fashion. I fell for it and stayed away out of protest that it wasn’t innovative and just a rehash.

I went to a local bar that only had this pin and couldn’t resist just trying it. On ball one I knew I was wrong bagging on this pin. First off, the thing felt like a tank, well built and almost like Stern tightened up the build process.

The rules were simple and fun, all my non pinhead friends really enjoyed playing. The sounds was great. I actually left wanting one.

The art package was boring, but the LCD animations were fun.

This is coming from someone who couldn’t care less for their music.
3 years ago
If you want a pin that will get a new crowd into your party, etc then this is it.

I usually have get together at my place for various crowds. Every once in awhile a pin will get played, but never draws a group, that’s usually my MAME arcade.

Had a party for the neighborhood and turned TNA on, the lighting drew in a small group, the basics of the pin really easy to explain, the sound drew in an even larger crowd, the gameplay kept them hooked. It’s the first pin out of my 7 years collecting that had hooked a new crowd so well and kept them coming back for one more round.

The rules are great, the lighting is some of the best ever, the music keeps your adrenaline pumping. Love that it has a coop and team mode too.

Highly recommended for any size collection!
6 years ago
Still figuring it all out, will update once I get the hang of everything. The machine is the most beautiful I have ever seen. The layout is not that slow once setup properly. 7 degrees, flippers at 25, still figuring out the rest. Code 1.10 really makes a huge difference and theres still so much to come. I really think that it's underrated due to all the hate this site just breeds. Things will even out down the road.
7 years ago
It's really hard to see ratings that come from people that have not spent a good amount of time with the pin or that are obviously wasting time with their one line review. We all know that with Stern, or any manufacturer, it is going to take time for the pin to really evolve. As it stands, for a NIB Stern this pin has a lot going for it. Progression through the rules by winning matches and belts, using the skill shot to win Money in the Bank (when it's utilized in code to cash it in for an automatic belt match it will be cool), the songs in the game (once you set all the sound settings correctly), the commentary throughout your ball time, upgrading your moves to make them stronger, all great things. The ring works well and takes time to get decent at (yes there's a lot of time up there but once code allows for orbits, this will decrease).

I do have the LE so the chaos disk really adds to the ring (almost a must have), titantron (has a lot of potential when it's used more), and the art package is better.

Don't listen to those who just review to add a check mark, or don't like Stern, or don't like wrestling. Spend time with this machine and it'll grow on you.
7 years ago
For one, the guy that rated this a 2 is crazy. I could barely tell you what pin deserves a pin (maybe a stern home edition or some kids play mini pin). People bombing scores just ruins the reliability of them. Now on to the game. It is a definite family friendly, with something for all ages. There are tons of modes and the rules are deep. Red and Ted's interaction with the player is something that is still innovative today (We'll see how Smaug ends up). Easter eggs like Red singing the country song and Ted sleeping and coughing on the ball when you hit him are cool. There is a lot to like about on this pin and it's one of the reasons it is always consistently rated in the top 50. With a ColorDMD this pin really looks good. Blast Zone is a fun shot. In a 4+ pin lineup, it's a keeper.
7 years ago
Glad that it is in the top 100 but still feel that it is underrated because it is not a B/W. With the right LED lighting the backglass and playfield put on quite a show. The sound quality and dots are beyond anything at the time. The rules are fairly deep and Frank throwing the balls and tracking them with his head is a cool toy. They playfield layout has everything you'd want, good pop placement and spacing, scoops, the ice cave shot, ramps, orbits, it's all there. To me it's the best SEGA and if it was a B/W with a different theme, it would be a top 30 pin. Give it a try and some good plays, you'll be surprised.
8 years ago
Never was much into cars. I went to pick up a TSPP in a trade I was doing but some other pins were on the table if I wanted. I tried an Elvis, BM:F, and a few others. Right before I was going to make a decision, I tried Indy 500 just for fun. It took two rounds to know that was the pin I was leaving with.

The announcers are fun throughout the game, the layout is excellent with a lot to shoot for. The modes are good enough (could be deeper), but fun and challenging. This game is fast, one that you cannot let your guard down on (wax it and good luck if you have a ball over 30 seconds lol). Overall a great B/W's pin that is moving up the rankings as more people realize how fun it is.
8 years ago
I feel that once again this is underrated because of it being a DE. It basically has the layout of T2 which is much higher rated.

I like this better than JP IMHO. The modes are fun, especially the various video modes. It has all three movies included. The choice of songs at the start is a nice addition which was quite new at the time. Even though it's a movie most kids won't know much about, boys can get into it with the guns, cop sounds, flashing topper. I love having it in my collection an with LED's it isn't bad.

Cons: Leo Getz call outs. I don't even notice them anymore so it's not a huge deal. The blue cabinet is ugly, black would be much better.

Overall: A good budget pin that can get old on its own but good in a collection.
8 years ago
Get ready for this year's TAF.

Getting hotter and hotter the more people realize how great this game really is. Is it tough? Yes. Is it for the casual player? Probably not.

This is a game that needs to be owned to truely understand its greatness. The shots, layout, video mode, all of it is above average.

The only problem is if you don't care for the movie. Not one of my favorite Vampire flicks but get past that and you'll have yourself a gem.
8 years ago
Underrated flow in my opinion. There are shots for days in this game.

- Great flow
- Multiple modes to play through
- Awesome "rumble" multiball
- WWF themes and sounds from many wrestlers and Vince himself
- Getting to wizard mode is a challenge
- Good implementation of shaker motor

- Hard to find replacement parts
- Modes can be timed out
- Secret Co-op Rumble mode that no one can figure out how to access

One of DE's better pins behind TFTC and GNR, but once you play, you'll like it (whether you like the theme or not)
8 years ago
I think this is an underrated pin, more because it's a gottlieb. If you like 80's horror, you'll have a good time with this pin. The ruleset is a little shallow but the flow is nice. You could do better, but you could do much worse.
8 years ago
Rudy will haunt my dreams for a lifetime. I love funhouse and believe that it's a pin everyone should try. Yes, it can get old after awhile and it doesn't hold up to some of the top pins, but for nostalgia, this is king.
8 years ago
My first pin and I must say that it is a good starter.
I traded my street bike for this so that I could get into the pin hobby. It helps you become a better pinball player and makes you line up shots and think about moves. The layout gets a little old with no ramps or anything, but the middle toy is one of the best I've played. Having friends over, it provided an entire night of entertainment, no one wanted to stop playing.

I am ready for my next pin, maybe a DM or something to compliment the breakshot.