world poker tour - upcoming stern release !

world poker tour - upcoming stern release !

By Fearless_Leader

December 09, 2005

13 years ago

The Pinside has learned that Stern plans to release World Poker Tour in late February of 2006. World Poker Tour is a licensed theme of WPT Enterprises (WPTE), and is a popular media vehicle for Texas Hold 'Em poker tournaments in the United States. Flyers and playfield layouts will be issued by Stern in the coming weeks, in what is speculated to be one of the more exciting pinball releases for the company.

"The machine as it is pictured in the game flyer" (click to enlarge..)Details including the game's design, the constituents of the design team, and the layout of the playfield are still unknown. However the game will feature voice supplied by host Mike Sexton, and bear the likenesses of several of the Tour's famous players, such as Phil Ivey, Gus Hanson, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, and Phil Laak. A deep ruleset has been designed into gameplay, with a comprehensive betting system, to enhance the game's gambling aspect. The game will reportedly make use of Stern's new hardware system, something that may have contributed to the delayed release of WPT.

The game is considered a boon for both WPTE and Stern. Texas Hold'em poker has become fantastically popular in the United States in the last five years, attracting millions of new players of all ages. The obsession has forged a path through numerous televised events, played on several channels, including ESPN (a "sports channel"), celebrity tournaments, and the Superbowl of it all: the World Series of Poker. Stern has failed to deliver high sales on previous licensed themes, such as Sopranos, NASCAR, Elvis, and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. General critiques on the industry commonly stated that Stern was "shooting in the dark", attempting to force lackluster themes upon a diminishing home market. The company looks to reverse the trend by partnering with professional poker's most popular franchise.

"Nice looking.. uh backglass" (click to enlarge..)

WPT will be released in late February, or possible early March, according to Stern marketing officials. Price is expected to be approximately $4275, with deposits for advanced orders to be taken soon.

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13 years ago
Gambling themes in general have been pretty good to pinball, but a World Poker Tour machine? Somehow, it strikes me as more than a little bit cheesy.
12 years ago
I own a WPT. It's a part of my modest home pinball collection. There's nothing 'cheesy' about this latest Stern offering. The upper playfield rocks and the multi-ball is second to none. There's the Texas Hold Em' game to play as well as the lower play field card objectives to complete. From Alantic City To Paris the action is hard to top. Keeps the family coming back for more that's for sure! Stern drew a straight flush with this pin!
8 years ago
I played this game and I'd have to say it was fun,
I digg how the womans voice helps guide you through the rule set,
-speeds up the learning curve
7 years ago
Yea, it was much funner than I thought it would be. Not a big fan of the look of the pin though.

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