elvis, king of pinball?

elvis, king of pinball?

By Fearless_Leader

June 22, 2004

14 years ago

June 20, 2004

Stern Pinball Inc., will shortly announce their next pinball machine to be Elvis-themed.

The game is intended as "The King of pinball?"part of a larger celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of Elvis Presley's career. The game will begin shipping late summer 2004, and some distributors have begun taking pre-orders already. Many people have heralded the Elvis-theme (which has never been done in a pinball game previously), as a welcome idea, and possibly one which is sure to be a successful theme.

Stern, whose recent offerings included 2003's "Simpsons Pinball Party" (production run of 5000), 2004's "Lord of the Rings" (4700+), and 2004's "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" (1800+) have all been successful projects, that are reminiscent of the twilight years of Bally and Williams in the 1990's. Only 2003's "Terminator 3" (production run of 2000) was considered by most to be a lackluster product.

With "Elvis", Stern could really rocket pinball back onto the map. Could this be the first 10,000 production run game produced in more than a decade ? Time will tell.

"So here it is.. Elvis, the pinball game!"
Photo by: TVGUIDE.com (click to enlarge..)
Apparently, a magazine called "America's TV Guide listings magazine" has opened up a "Rock and Win" competition "celebrating the 50th anniversary of Rock n' Roll". And the main price is... This brand new Stern machine! Unfortunately for us Europeans, the competition is only open to Americans.

That's the second time a new Stern machine first shows up in some price draw of some American publication before being officially announced by Stern itself. This also happened with Terminator 3.

Speaking of Terminator 3, according to both Pinballnews.com and the website Elvis.com, The ELVIS machine will be designed by Steve Ritchie (Well, the latter website calls him Steve Tirchie but that must me a typo). That would make it the second Steve Ritchie machine manufactured by Stern and Steve's 17th game design in total (including his Atari designs).

Rumour has it that artwork will be done by Jerry Vanderstelt. The same man responsible for the nice Lord Of the Rings backglass!

We will keep you posted! In the meantime, we have added the machine to the database!

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7 years ago
The king is alive!
7 years ago
Really enjoy Elvis but the pin not so much. I think they missed the mark on a great theme on this one.

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