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4 months ago
Love the flow and music of this game, after modding and replacing the lighting to led super brights this looks great, I’m actually looking to buy one of these in the right condition to add to the collection.
8 months ago
Played this in an amusement arcade and the dot matrix was almost unreadable, game was still playable but very average,
Wouldn’t play it again.
8 months ago
Played this in an amusement arcade, machine wasn’t level this couldn’t hold the ball on the left flipping but still enjoyed the many games I played, will buy this when the opportunity arises
1 year ago
Played this game recently and really enjoyed it, would be a good game in anyones collection
1 year ago
I'm a lifetime fan of the 60s Batman and when this came out i couldn't wait to play and i was so sure i was going to buy this until i played it and although the sound, video clips, speech were cool the gameplay for me wasn't and in the end avenged up with the Great TZ
1 year ago
While loving the theme of this game i found it a-bit repetitive, wouldn't add it to a collection but would play on passing.
1 year ago
My second pin, been playing it for about 6 weeks now and what a game! The more i play and get to understand the shots and rules the better it gets, started with everything on easy settings but now all on factory settings, my POTC is getting slightly neglected even though thats also a great game and in my opinion slightly better toys than TZ but overall TZ takes the gold
1 year ago
Great game and challenging, never gets boring sinking the ship, well paced, top notch game
1 year ago
Great fun game especiaily with pals a few beers!
Yeah baby...yeah!