Young arcade goer, but never pinball

By FatPanda

February 17, 2017

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5 years ago

As a kid growing up in the glory days of the arcades in the 90s, I was always so enamored with the video arcade cabinets, I'm sure like many others.  I did all manner of video arcades.  I remember as a kid, not having any money and going just to watch others play, but when I was given some spare change, I always ran past the pinball tables and to the video cabs.  Fast forward 25 years and a local arcade opened up.  At first, I played the video cabs again, and was instantly brought back to the old days.  They also had a pinball room with about 20 tables.  Many "classics" were there that I remember seeing as a kid: Twilight Zone, Bride of Pinbot, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Addams Family.  I decided to plug in three quarters into TZ, and I was hooked.  That was only 6 months ago.  After coaxing my wife to come check it out with me, she revealed a little nugget that she played all the time as a kid.  That was news to me!  After talking, we both decided that owning a table or two, within reason, would be fun for the both of us.  Joining a local forum, I learned that we had a relatively active community in the hobby.  After meeting a few of the locals, we purchased a worn, but loved Taxi about a month ago.  A week later, we purchased a great conditioned Gorgar.  Now we are clearing out a space in our basement, where we can fit 3 more machines.  The best part of this, is that my 3 yr old daughter asks to play Gorgar, by name!  Absolutely priceless!

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5 years ago

My story is similar! Not into pinball as a kid in the 80s and 90s, but was into arcade games. Now it is all pinball baby! Good luck filling your basement!

5 years ago

Same story with me, I watched others play in the 80's with empty pockets and now I've made up for it with a house full of the best of the 80's and 90's. I bought 80's vids first, then really fell for pinball just last year. Now, it's pinball every night with 16 tablets to choose from. Life is good.

5 years ago

Cool story, your avatar looks like the backglass from #Paragon, a game I played all the time in college. Lots of fun on that one, it's on my wishlist.

I am happy you have "seen the light".

5 years ago

Thanks for the responses! Yes, avatar is from the Paragon backglass, one of my favorite backglass art! Love to hear that others have similar stories and can now play pinball daily with their own collections. Can wait to get more in my basement!

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