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1 year ago
Huge fan of the TV series so it was a must for me. Not the most in depth game with rules and there is some more odd shots but that is part of the quirkiness of the game. Alot of the Gottliebes at that time were like that. The helicopter is cool and fits the them nicely. Love the life force mode, it really gets you into it as the game beats like heartbeat. Artwork looks cartoony but is in line with the game I feel. Don't plan on selling mine
8 years ago
Great game. So many ramps to shoot for. Some ramps are easy to hit and add to a good flow for the game and some are more difficult. Back glass isn't the best but the beach theme plays well throughout the game. Makes you feel like you are at the beach and hearing the whistle blow adds to that affect. Large lifeguard tower serves two purposes. One is to allow the ball to pass up through the tower and go down a ramp, or if ball lock is lit, a secret hidden trap door opens in the tower which sends the ball under the playfield in a hidden trough which returns the ball back to the outhole. There is a second upper shooter which allows you to attempt some of the skill shots and locks the ball for some modes for 10 seconds. Nice Baywatch yellow topper for the head.

Multi ball is fantastic with this game as it gives you 5 balls at once. Thats right 5 balls. Things get pretty crazy during multi ball and your heart really starts to race when you lock that 3rd ball. All balls are auto launched onto the field which only adds to the madness.

There is a shark flipper which is in the shape of a shark fin. It can also make the shot for you. When the shark flips light is lit, the shark flipper flips for you trying to get the ball into the shark hole. Kinda like the Addams family Thing flips for the swamp.

Many different modes to play and things to shoot for. Several different video mode games. There is a laser kick ball saver on the left outlane so even people new to pinball can have a lengthy game and feel like they accomplished something after playing. Huge DMD is also nice. Sound is great as well. They actually got the Hoff's voice for the game so he barks out commands throughout the game which adds a nice touch.

Only downsides for me is the backglass artwork. Pamela is obviously not the same one from the show and I am not sure about the others. Looks kinda cartoonish. Also as the game features women in bikini's and thongs on the side, this game may not be suitable for some young children. There is an option to turn off some of the skin that gets displayed on the DMD but you can't turn off the skin on the cabinet and backglass. One final downside is because of all the ramps, it is a pain to shop this game. Removing everything from the field takes several hours and it takes even longer to put it all back together.

All in all I feel as if this game has a very high replay value and has many shots and ramps to keep players interested. The wire form ramps are endless and it takes awhile to figure out where they all go, but that kinda adds to the mystic of the game. Multi ball is 5 ball crazed action. Lots of different modes and shots to make. Awesome functioning life guard tower. Sounds from the show and the hoff are there. Theme music from the show is also there and sounds great. Artwork is somewhat racy and may not be suitable for children. Many people don't like Baywatch because it's a Sega or because of the Licensing, however if you give this game a chance you will be very surprised and more than likely hooked.
8 years ago
This is my dream game. I will one day own it.
8 years ago
Pretty fun game. Doesn't get the best reviews because of the backglass which is one of its major draw backs. The women pictured on the backglass are dressed in 80's attire and have 80's haircuts which is when the game was released. The bad bad bad song which is the only words spoken during the game can get repetitive but you don't hear it a lot, only once or twice per game unless you are really good.

Game has good flow and is a fast playing pin. It shows no mercy though as there is no save feature for balls drained down either sides. Once they are gone they are gone, although I believe it the ball drains right after you put it into play and you don't hit anything at all, it gives you the the chance to shoot again. There is a bumper in between the bottom two flippers which can give you a second chance if the ball goes directly down the middle and you let the ball bounce back out. Unless you are a wizard, average game play is around 2-2 1/2 minutes for a complete game. You will not more than likely have a 1 hour game with this machine. Playfield has a nice pool them but unfortunately has the same women with there boyish 80's charm on a part of the playfield. Lots of colorful pool balls and pool thems line the field. Lots of fun things to shoot for. You have to knock down 8 targets to be able to shoot for the 8 ball. A insert under the field shines through a reflective piece of plexifglass. The pool balls that you need to need to hit shine through the plexiglass so you know which ones you have to go for. If a ball drains, it saves what targets you already dropped so you don't have to start over again and can pick up where you left off. Once you hit the 8 ball, the bad bad music starts up. A bonus starts counting down and you are to try and hit all 8 knock down targets to spell the word rerack to get the bonus. Very hard to do in the time you are alotted. If you don't complete rerack in the allotted time, the pop up target reset and you begin a new game of pool.

Knock down the 8 ball target which gives you access to multi ball regardless of what other balls you need to drop. Shoot past the dropped 8 ball target and the ball gets locked in a hole to the rear of 8 ball target and doesn't eject until the 2nd ball is shot onto the field and makes contact with any target. The ball is ejected up and into a habit rail where it comes down at the left flipper at a very high rate of speed!

When pop bumpers are flashing, you have to hit them the indicated number of times without hitting anything else on the playfield in order to get the pop bumper bonus which is huge. There is a vari target that increases in points each time you push it all the way back. It starts out at 50,000 than increases 2x, 5x ect each time you hit it although it resets back to 50,000 after your ball drains.

Pretty fun game. Difficult to keep a ball going for too long as there is no saving devices and gameplay is fast. I find it has a pretty high replay value. Some of the shots like the vari target and some of the drop targets are pretty tough to get and can be quite challenging though. Very fast gameplay, one of the fastest I have ever played. One through four players. Sound is good for a game of it's age and most of the music/sndfx doesn't get annoying. Pretty good game for a beginning to moderate pinball player. Since there the playfield isn't overpopulated it is easy to understand what shots you need to make to get the most points and what you have to do. I guess as it seems all older games go, you don't get 5 billion points for hitting one target. It is hard to get 5 million on this table in one game! You do get 105,000 for completing the skill shot which is when the ball rolls over a switch in the field once, than rolls back over the switch again. I am pretty happy with mine and have been playing it daily for a while now. If you want to see videos of it in action, I will be uploading some videos to youtube soon. Just type in Bad girls. My user name is grabmygoobers.

All in all fun game. I feel this game is very overlooked possibly because the cheesy backglass, but take a minute to play it and I think you will find it pretty enjoyable.