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June 12, 2016

6 years ago

hi guys, my name is Franck Niro and i live in france.

apologise me in advance for my language, i not speak very well english and sometimes, i use a translator.

i always love pinball since the school time.

12 years ago, i bought my first pinball as a Xenon, when it arrived at home, my heartbeat was high.

and then, i thought it's impossible to have just one ^^

the second as Medusa, the third Hauted house, and today, many pinball have passed at home.

the generation i prefered,is the Bally 80.

i haven't got more place at home, so i sold some pinball to buy another.

today, there just 6 pinballs at home, as Fathom, Centaur, Medusa, 8 ball deluxe, Flash gordon and Haunted House.

only two of them are in works, the other are tidy.

10 years ago, i've made my first restoration, and today, a lot of pinball were restored .

my wife like painting on atipycal items like saucepans, piece of wood ...............^^

a day, i ask her, "why don't you paint my pinball ?" because she's amazing with a brush, that's when we are working together on pinball restoration.

and then, we have done our job.

here is for the presentation.

i would not fail to present my technical works as soon as i know were to post.

a questions for the moderators, i read the rules of the site but i not sure if i can put a link of my pinball website?

thank's for reading

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