Fixing Pinball Feels Like I’m Playing Pinball

By Eyes

April 10, 2019

9 days ago

Fellow Supple Wrist And Ordinary People, 

   I will share a feeling I get when I work on or fix a pinball. I will be the first to admit I am not very good at it although seem to get the job done. Having gotten my first pinball with absolutely no idea what was on the inside. I was headed for enlightenment!  It was a Electro Mechanical Williams  Fun Fest from the 70ds. I got it home and opened it up. Out came a dingy penetrating stench! Bamm in my face....old arcade smell and memory’s rush to the brain ! Man I was Stoked!! I didn’t care what title it was because it was mine. I didn’t care what shape it was in because it was now mine. It had a lot of issues but it did not slow my high for the new score. I found that as I came across broken wires they were easy to fix. Maybe one could equate it to batting the ball on the play field. Almost anyone can do that and it’s fun! Almost anyone can connect a wire color to color that has been chewed or pinched and it’s rewarding. As I progressed through fixing the more obvious problems it built me up for the tougher fixes. The feeling I get when I am working on a pinnall is very similar to the feeling I get from playing the game. Phenomenal ! I feel as you start out and learn the game it is very rewarding. Even when you fail. As you come to something you have not learned yet, you start to figure it out and get deeper. When it’s all over there is still more to learn. I love Pinball!

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18 hours ago
Good story it’s fun to work on the machines.

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