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1 year ago
I find TS4 to be one of JJP's best games.

From a design standpoint, this game shoots like butter but doesn't quite do the theme justice in terms of theme integration. The code isn't as deep as other JJP titles but what is there is just pure fun and much more intuitive.

The good:
- Easily one of the prettiest pinball machines ever made. From the art package to the light show. This game just looks amazing.
- Enjoyable layout with plenty of smooth and satisfying shots. That scoop, right ramp, and jump ramp all feel really good to hit.
- Great call outs, getting the actual voice actors to reprise their roles for this game does help a lot. I particularly love hearing Tim Allen and Tony Hale make fun of me when I'm playing like trash.
- Ease of working on. From the glide rails to the mechs all having connectors to the display actually spelling out issues. This game is a pleasure to work on when tweaks are needed.
- Fun code. I genuinely feel like this code is the closest we've gotten in terms of fun factor to many of the late William's games.
- The mushy flippers found on previous JJP games seems to be much better this time around.
- That Benson mode where the posts are trying to stop you from making your shots is so much fun.
- I like the playfield display. Being able to see the information I'm most interested in without having to take my eyes off of the playfield is great.

The mediocre:
- Music & Sound effects are average at best. I don't find that the music itself ever really immerses me into the game.
- Toy Story 4 just doesn't carry the same weight as Toy Story would have.
- Lack of an innovative mech. This game does have a lot of mechs, but with a theme like Toy Story. I would've hoped for at least one mech that felt new and innovative.
- The left ramp is a little bit too easy of a shot and the sharp Gomez esque turn really kills the balls momentum. I find it to be the least satisfying shot in the game.
- The Gabby Gabby mech doesn't really add anything to the game. From a code standpoint, this mech is up too often. The reason the trolls in Medieval Madness work are because you rarely see them. They become a bit of a treat because they're rare. There is also no scene around this mech.
- I wish it took more tickets to start going on carnival modes. It seems like there almost always a carnival mode lit, and they'd feel a lot more crucial if I actually had to work towards getting the tickets to play them.
- The Bo Peep loop is a bit clunky. Often strong shots to the loop cause the ball to rattle along the top and the ball just ends up in the pop bumpers. I wish I was able to chain these loops more consistently.

The bad:
- Arguably one of the worst theme integrations of a game from JJP from a design standpoint. Nothing in Lawlor's design really screams Toy Story to me.
- From a code standpoint, there are too many gameplay elements that rely on the left ramp. Between trying to get tickets, start a mode, work on Duke, collect forky, or to just setup the left flipper. There are many reasons why someone would want to hit this ramp, but you are forced into doing certain things and inopportune times.
- Inconsistent kickback. I've tried adjusting the delay times but it still fails more often then it should.
- I don't incorporate the cost of a game when rating. That being said, the cost of this game is a tough pill to swallow.
1 year ago
This game is a ton of fun to play. It has clear objectives without any real exploits to diminish exploring the game. Although the theme isn't going to be for everyone, I'm not a big fan of soccer myself, the theme integration is on point.

The good:
- I love the callouts. Tim Kitzrow does a perfect announcer voice and I love the jabs he makes at you when you're fumbling around.
- The toys in this game are top notch. The goal with the moving goalie is a ton of fun and adds a fun element of accuracy and timing. The soccer ball (assuming it's somewhat newer) can add some incredible spin and really launch the ball. The assist kickout and magna save are also some neat little additions.
- The ramps are fantastic. I love the fact that the ball can end up in four different locations when you hit the left ramp and three different locations with the right ramp. The ramp variance, paired with the nice and flowy long nature of the ramps really just makes them to continue to be satisfying to hit.
- Theme integration is on point, I may not really care for soccer, but I love how well it was incorporated into the game.
- The code is fun, it's easy for a new person to pick up, and have fun playing, and it's enjoyable for a more versed player to try and explore things that take longer to get to, like the TV modes or World Cup Finals. The fact that it doesn't suffer from any scoring exploits is a big plus too. This game definitely should be setup at its most difficult though to prevent those things from being too easy to reach.
- The value proposition is great. This game is equally as fun as many of the other WPC games that cost three times as much as it.

The mediocre:
- The music is good but does git a bit repetitive.
- I have mixed feelings about the playfield artwork. I enjoy the very 90's color scheme on the playfield and the artwork, though the referees face is a little off-putting.

The bad:
- The two 'free kick' saucers don't add anything interesting to the game and slow down the gameplay a bit too much for my liking.
- There is something with the backglass that just doesn't look good to me and it's not just Striker (the dog). It's whole composition is just off. It could be that the artwork of Striker doesn't match the artwork of the other players or it could be that the random world map postcard thing just doesn't really belong. Either way, it's a bad backglass.
1 year ago
This has one of the most interesting Layouts of any System 11 game I've played, and it surprisingly works well.

There is a lot to praise about this one.

The good:
- The music and sound package of this game are incredible. I really enjoy how the music builds as you progress your multiball and the music you get for multiball really does get your heart pumping.
- The layout is very interesting, and it works. It's mainly a sharpshooter style game, but there are a surprising amount of flow shots that can be found.
- The upper playfield is a lot of fun, one of the better upper playfields out there.

The mediocre:
- The u-turn double spinner is quite risky and not very satisfying for the amount of space it takes up on the playfield. I wish there was something more useful here, or there was more value in hitting the spinners.
- The playfield artwork doesn't do much for me. I do like the backglass and cabinet art.

The bad:
- This game desperately needs some kind of "Lite Lock" mechanic. Once you get that left lock shot dialed in, the gameplay really starts to suffer. It's simply too easy to hit the left tunnel shot to lock balls. You can easily keep plunging, let it drop down the upper playfield, to a chill, to a lock shot. I wish they would've done something like use the spinner to determine if lock was lit, like make it take progressively more spins to lock the ball. It's really the only bad thing about the game, but it is pretty impactful.
1 year ago
There is a lot to love about this game. It's quick, has amazing flow, and has that amazing 90's WPC feel. However, gripes with the rules, glove, and callouts do hold it back from being one of the eras greats.

The good:
- Keanu!
- The game is very fast and has lots of flow. The combos you can get in this game with the ball flying around the orbit returning back to you in about a second are amazing. This is the fastest game I have ever played, and I love that about it.
- The multiple diverters around the back of the playfield do alter the gameplay pretty drastically when playing. They keep the shots interesting and fresh.
- The music is good. It fits the theme and is not something you'd get sick of hearing.
- The grid selection for multiball is a lot of fun and adds a fun strategy to multiplayer and single player games. It also triggers one of the coolest multiball starts.
- Power down mode is really an awesome pinball experience and moment that can stand toe to toe with some of the other great moments. I don't think it'll ever get old.
- This game features the only video mode I actually enjoy playing. Snarf!

The mediocre:
- Many of the callouts are fun and they have some good humor behind them. There are just not enough of them. Some of the modes cycle through what seem like only two callouts, and you can hear the same line repeated within seconds of each other. They get old.
- The glove toy is really cool. Unfortunately, it does get held back by it's movement speed. If it moved twice as fast, I'd love this toy, as it stands it's fine. That being said, the slowness definitely does feel welcome at times with how fast everything else moves.
- The theme is decent, I actually enjoy watching the goofy and cheesy movie which makes me like the theme more, but it simply can't compare to the original themes that Bally/Williams was putting out in this era.
- The modes do very in quality and fun. Some are fun and allow you to try to chain shots to get them done very quickly, and others are bad where they just light a shot that you must repeatedly hit.

The bad:
- Modes such as Yakuza Strike can completely derail other things you're doing and timing it out is often the right move.
- Mode stacking is unfortunately not a thing and makes some of the multiballs feel less valuable as there isn't much you can progress while in them and things like Yakuza Strike would be a lot less annoying if you could just keep working on what you were working on.
- The rules are unbalanced which favor going for spinner millions over the modes.
- There are almost no operator adjustments for the rules. I don't expect them to offer much adjustment, but it would be nice to be able to tweak some settings. Older games in my collection from less prominent manufacturers had these kinds of settings.

I do hope that someday someone takes the time to make a 2.0 version of this game like they've done with other classics. The code really holds this game back.
1 year ago
Elwin continues to knock his games out of the park. Godzilla now sits in the number two spot in my list of favorite game from him, just behind Iron Maiden.

The good:
-The campy feel of the game is amazing. The video clips for ball saves, tilts, modes, and other things are hilarious. It is a joy to watch someone play this game. The callouts are awesome. It's just refreshing to have a theme that isn't based off of a music group or Disney property from Stern again.

-The shot layout is refreshing. There is a lot of interesting shots to make and see. The middle of the playfield features shots that are actually interesting and not just banks of targets.

-This game is loaded with amazing gimmicks. I honestly can't think of a Stern game with better gimmicks, the building, the bridge, mechagodzilla, the magnetic claw, and the floating flipper all are interesting and add something to the experience.

-The code is interesting and there a lot to do, this was all done without falling into the trap that AIQ did where the ruleset became too complicated for its own good. It's deep but also easy to understand and highly satisfying when you progress further and further through the game.

The mediocre:
-The lightning leaves room for improvement. The whole center of the playfield is lacking any inserts which can make the game feel somewhat dark depending on the environment. If you look at the lighting of the game next to anything Jersey Jack has put out. The light show just feels very dated.

-The artwork does a lot right, it guides shots, has plenty of interesting things to look at, but I just don't like how Godzilla himself looks. I don't blame the artist; Godzilla has had so many renditions over the years and everyone has a different idea of how he should look. No matter what he did, it would have felt wrong to someone. This interpretation just feels wrong to me. There is a clear disconnect with the Godzilla on screen versus what is on the art package.

-The music doesn't do much for me. The main theme gets kind of repetitive. The Blue Oyster Cult song is amazing, but also doesn't really fit with the orchestral theme song. It kind of feels out of place. Every other aspect of the sound such as sound effects are great.

The bad:
-Although the layout is very interesting, it also seems to be lacking a bit of polish. The shot left of the building sends the ball straight down the middle. The building collapsing when starting multiball which leads the 3 balls straight down the middle. The left ramp shot that seems to reject a lot of strong shots. The magnetic claw often failing to fully stop the ball or failing to send the ball to the left lane. That vertical up kicker needing to be made with the tip of the flipper. The game simply feels like it could've used just one more iteration to work out the last of the issues. I find it to be Elwin's clunkiest feeling game yet.
2 years ago
I really enjoyed the little time I had to be able to play this game.

I would rank this as my second favorite System 80 game, with Black Hole taking the lead by a slim margin.

The layout of the lower playfield is awesome. Having the inlanes be an actual shot is awesome, and the ability to save yourself on outlane drains is also fun, albeit a bit too easy.

There are a lot of flippers but they each have their own shots and feel like they have a purpose. Unlike a lot of extra flippers during this time.

It is a shame they made so few of this title. I personally could never justify that price, but it is amazing, those System 80 wide body games have so much charm and I could easily see why other people would be willing to pay a lot given they have a large collection.
2 years ago
Awesome game. This game has a lot in common with Taxi, which I personally think is one of the best system 11 games.

The good:
-This game has a good balance of flow and sharpshooting gameplay.
-The cop car gimmick is neat and adds to the game without using much of the playfield's real estate.
-The music and theme are great
-The artwork is good, it's a fairly striking and won't be everyone tastes, but it's a lot of fun. The back glass is awesome.
-The base ruleset is great, easy to understand, hard to master. When you finally capture all the guys, having a short window to hit the jackpot shot really gets the blood pumping.

The bad:
-The callouts are good and amusing, but they get repetitive quick
-The million point center ramp is unbalanced, even with the game set to 8 ramps before they start to come, all my high scores involve cranking that ramp.
-The 'Take High Score' feature is unfair as it gives later players an advantage. Luckily, when set to 8 ramps, I've never hit it.
-When in multiball, you don't really have anything cool to aim for. Taxi had a couple things, such as shooting both ramps at the same time, or shooting the express lanes. Police force could've really used something like this while in multiball.
2 years ago
I find this to be a slightly above average Stern machine.

The good:

The artwork, code, and sounds are all solid. The animations are some of Stern's best, they're subtle, but add to the game without overwhelming it. The gameplay of trying to fight the different villains is easy to understand and fun to play.

The bad:

I simply don't like the design of the playfield. The AFM like baby dead pool feels too close to the flippers that shooting for it seems too risky. On top of that, on the various Dead Pools I've played, the lock shot constantly fails even when you hit it with good power. With this shot being so inconsistent and the baby dead pool being so risky, the right side of the playfield feels like it should be avoided. I find myself just ski passing the ball over to the right flipper over and over again. The upper right section of the playfield also feels underutilized with a rather large 4 lanes and pop bumpers section filling the void.

The theme integration is fairly average. That being said, the katana was a nice touch.
2 years ago
For the era, this game is loaded with gimmicks. Including shaker handles that move the move the playfield, the mirrored playfield and cabinet design, the use of a two way mirror used to make score challenges appear almost magically over the playfield akin to what Revenger from Mars would do decades later and the innovative ball plunge. I personally can't think of another game that is so loaded with gimmicks in this era.

The rules are quite good too, completing all the numbers is quite challenging and the changing bonus scores is also a nice touch. That being said, the bonus scores definitely give too many points.

The gameplay is pretty abysmal. The playfield layout ruins this one, with flippers that can really only aim at the target bank in front of them. They would've been better off opening up the playfield more allow you to aim for stuff.

They did a lot right with this game from an engineering perspective, unfortunately, the playfield design essentially ruins all this innovation.
2 years ago
This is a fairly middle of the road Stern machine.

The rules are fairly basic, but by no means bad. I somewhat like that it isn't as deep as every game that comes to marker. Feels more like a classic title. I honestly think this is one of the best parts about the game.

The art package is bad. Too little going on with the playfield. The blue legs and armor do not match the cabinet art. The backglass art is fine. The zeppelin looks 3D printed and cheap.

The playfield design isn't anything special. It's by no means bad, but the ramps are kind of boring and could use more bends in the wireforms. Part of me kind of likes how simple and uncluttered it feels, but another part of me finds the shots boring and unrewarding.

The more I play this game, the less I like the magic spinner toy. I honestly think this game would be better off without it (such as the pro model).

I have no issues with the sounds in this game.

I do appreciate this game trying to look back and trying to mimic the feel of games from decades ago, the thing is, those games still were often reliant on at least one cool thing to make them standout. This game doesn't have that though.

Edit: This game is growing on me. I still don't love it, but I do now like it and will definitely play at least one game whenever I see it on location.
2 years ago
This is one of those rare cases where I really enjoy both the theme and the gameplay.

It's layout is essentially the same as Medieval Madness. Which isn't a terrible thing, as that is one of the best games every made. I would even argue that Medieval Madness has a slightly better playfield. The trolls, drawbridge, and exploding castle toys all are slightly better than what is offered here. That being said, there are some nice touches here.

The gar-coils are great. They make bricked shots still feel rewarding. The game has a good mix of stop-and-go gameplay paired with some nice flow shots. All the shots feel smooth. The house is an impressive toy with amazing light shows.

As far as playfield design negatives, I dislike how the left orbit has a tendency to feed the ball right to the left kicker and vertical up kicker that just shoots the ball across the playfield seems very poorly designed.

The code behind this game is what elevates it to another level. It's a perfect. There is a clear main objective that anyone can walk up and understand, paired with some deeper strategies and side objectives that you can go for if you want to.

I also appreciate how they took the time to film new clips specifically for this game. They're a treat, albeit a bit repetitive after a while. However, they're skippable, so I can't hold that against them.

Stern has put out a handful of games with layouts that I can get behind recently, but they always are themes that I don't care about (Jurassic Park, Iron Maiden, Avengers). They've also put out themes that I like, but they have layouts that I can't get behind (Stranger Things, Black Knight SoR). This is the Stern first machine in a while to check both boxes for me and will be sure to get one when they start production on them again.
2 years ago
I really enjoy the layout of this game. It's feels refreshing. The sheer quantity of shots available on this machine is unmatched. The ramp shot through the pop bumpers is very satisfying. The upper flippers are well utilized and have specific and difficult shots tied to them. Plus, it actually has a bank of drop targets! Stern recently seems to veer away from those in favor of cheaper target banks.

The game is difficult, but ultimately fair. Definitely one I wouldn't mind adding to the collection one day.

I wouldn't consider myself a fan of the music of Iron Maiden, but I also don't hate it. It's one of the better choices made for a band theme.

The artwork is amazing, I do think the playfield art feels less striking that I expect out of Iron Maiden, but you have to love that art style.

The 2d plastic figures definitely make the game look cheap.

Ultimately, this game feels like it's made for true pinball fans. it doesn't rely on clunky toys, and seems to favor shots over gimmicks. It's one of the best machines Stern has ever made.
2 years ago
This game checks a lot of boxes for me.

The playfield layout is top notch. It's got some satisfying ramps, flow shots, fun toys, and some more difficult shots. The upper flipper is well utilized. It's a masterpiece of a layout that is a lot of fun.

I find the artwork fairly average. There seems to be a disconnect between the bottom, map artwork, and the top of the artwork. It just isn't very cohesive. I wouldn't say it's bad, by any means. I just think it's the weakest part of the game as a package.

The sound design is good. Rules are good and callouts are decent, albeit repetitive at times.

It's a real bummer that Stern didn't seem to get any assets for the theme in this game. No real characters or even a jeep. They got one song and Nedry. Both of which are great, but just not enough. The modded code does fix a lot of these issues.

I do find certain aspects of the rules to be somewhat frustrating. Needing to refuel the chopper if you weren't able to make a shot is just frustrating. And this game suffers from needing to time out modes to progress further. Any game where timing out a mode is a valid strategy means it's poor rules in my opinion.
2 years ago
This game suffers from a bad playfield design.

It's essentially a fan layout where all the shots are halfway down the playfield. The shots being so close make them significantly less satisfying. If you're going to cut the game in half to give you space in the back of the playfield, you certainly need to add something special back of the playfield like they did in Bride of Pinbot. Maybe something cooler was planned and Stern decided to cut it for cost savings. What they delivered up there, was one of the worst upper playfields and a pulsing magnet that is above the CHILD lanes. If you're going to have a pulsing magnet, at least let it effect the gameplay like Addams or Dialed In.

The sad thing is, the art, code, & rules are all good. They just can't make up for a bad playfield design.

No disrespect towards the designer, Brian Eddy. He has designed some of the best pinball machines. This is just not one of them.

Probably worth noting, I'm not a Star Wars fan, but I'm not going to hold that against the machine. I don't mind the 2017 Stern Star Wars game. This games artwork is great and punchy. The theme integration seems on point too. Stern has recently released quite a few games that have really impressed me with themes that don't hit home for me, such as Jurassic Park, Iron Maiden, and Avengers.

I'm honestly a surprised by how good the reception is on this game is. People are finding something special in it that I couldn't.
3 years ago
Medieval madness is one of my favorite titles. They did so much right with this game.

The castle is arguably one of the coolest gimmicks in any pinball machine and the trolls just feel like an awesome bonus.

The playfield is loaded with cool and rewarding shots. That right ramp shot can be quite difficult if it is not hit perfectly.

The rules of the game are somewhat easy to learn, however deep enough that both new and old players can have fun with.
3 years ago
This is a fun game.

The playfield layout is fairly basic which leads to some of the shots feeling less rewarding than they should. This prevents the game from being a favorite of mine.

However, outside of that, they hit everything else out of the park. The rules are simple to understand but hard to beat. The art package is like a throwback to a great generation of cinema. The sound design is on point.

If this game had a more enjoyable playfield, it would be a perfect title.
3 years ago
Black Hole is one of my favorite games.

There are some bold design choices made with this title, but they all seem to work really well.

Even to this day, I can't think of another game that has a better back glass or lower playfield.

The main gimmick of this title is the inverted lower playfield. It is the first machine to have a lower playfield and the designers did a great job with it. There is a lot to shoot for on the lower playfield and that keeps it from getting dull.

The game logic is very well done. Too often when you play games with split playfields, the main objective is to get to the safer playfield and stay there. Since, if you loose the ball there, you don't really loose the ball. The reentry gate in black hole was a brilliant way to counter this. You can be punished by both playfields, which is a rarity. I also enjoy the balance of increasing the upper playfield multiplier from the lower playfield, and increasing the lower playfield multiplier from the upper playfield. To get a good score, you have to really use both playfield wisely.

The multiball in this game feels like an accomplishment. It's brutal that you can start two ball multiball in the lower playfield, and fail to complete a drop bank. Just to watch those two balls fail to reenter. To work so hard for something to watch it end in such a pathetic manner is awesome. Although there isn't many clear objectives to shoot for during multiball, keeping three balls going with six flippers on two playfields makes it a blast either way.

The upper playfield is fun, and trying to hit both the drop targets in order is a fun challenge. It's quite open, but the number of accelerators makes the game play fast enough. You will be punished when trying to cradle balls on certain flippers. Although you have plenty of flippers, it is harder than most games to regain control of the ball. That being said, the upper playfield isn't perfect. The 10k shot around the hole targets is harder than it should be, there are a surprisingly little number of lanes to shoot for a wide body, and you do have times where the ball ghosts a little bit on the lower playfield window.

The theme is great and they did an awesome job incorporating the theme into the design.
3 years ago
It amazes me that this machine came out in the 70s. I can't think of an earlier game that used the upper flipper properly like this game did. The layout is similar to eight ball deluxe, but the rule set on this title is much better.

Between the dynamic sounds, the speedy inlanes, the shot that can only be made by the upper flipper, and the fact that the pop bumpers aren't overly exposed on the top of the game. This game was ahead of it's time.

When this game came out, I don't think anything could compare. I think this game set the stage for the flow style of gameplay many people know and love now.

From an artwork standpoint. I don't think it get much worse. If the artwork or theme was better, I think this game would have a significantly higher score and be more sought after. As it stands it is one of the cheapest games you can buy that is actually quite decent to play.
3 years ago
This game is definitely an experience. I don't think another pinball game tells a better story. The art and sound of this game are phenomenal.

However the head gimmick takes up too much of the playfield, and all the shots feel crowded. The gameplay suffers from this design decision.

It is fun to play, but it just doesn't have enough good shots.
3 years ago
Awesome game.

For a game that really doesn't have any kind of gimmick going for it, it's surprising fun. It's got a good balance of flow and sharpshooting gameplay.

At the very beginning of the game, all three main shots to be made are done with the left flipper (Gorbie, pinbot, multiball). I think it would've been better to have a different passenger lit first so that both flippers have something valuable to aim for initially.

The multiball is great, and has fun shots to aim for. Whether it's the Express lanes or the crossing ramp shots.

The art is awesome, I love the detail in the playfield and the slightly creepy backglass.

The skill shot rarely works in this game and that is more of a design flaw than and up keep issue.

I've played a handful of different Taxis. When this game is up kept, it is really fun. Though it's not uncommon to find a clunker of a taxi which could ruin the game for you.

The callouts are very repetitive and get old quick.
3 years ago
In my eyes this is a perfect game.

Great art, amazing sound design, balanced scoring, great toys, fun ramps, easy to pickup but difficult to master.

I play this game whenever I get the chance.

I'm sure if I owned one it would be easier to pick up on its flaws, but I have yet to generate any criticism for this machine. I'm pretty sure this is the only pinball game I can say that about.
3 years ago
This is a decent game for the era. You'll spend most of your time shooting drop targets. The drop targets are memorized, so that the remaining targets will pop back up when you play your next ball. This is one of the neatest features about the game.

This machine has a third flipper, but it doesn't make great use of it. No shot directly feeds to the flipper and the flipper has no shots that are easier made with the upper flipper. It can be used to get control of the ball, but overall it is pretty useless.

The western theme doesn't do anything for me. The artwork is not bad, it's just not my taste.

The game logic seems faulty to me. The amount of balls you've knocked down is memorized and given as a bonus when the ball drains or special is hit. Being as these bonuses are the main way to get points. It makes the earlier balls in play much more valuable then the later ones. As knocking a ball down on ball 1 guarantees 5 ball bonuses, verses knocking a ball down on ball 5, which only gives one. I personally think if you're going to have logic the favors a ball, the later balls should have more value instead of how this game is setup.

Overall, it's a good game for the era. Though I feel it is overrated. Some people see something in it that I don't.
3 years ago
I think Gladiators is an underrated game, though it does have it's faults.

Gladiators is a flow based game, which it does a great job at. It's very satisfying chaining shots together. More satisfying than most flow games.

This game suffers from some unfortunate game logic mistakes. There is a mode that you are better of cradling the ball and a mode that you can exploit for crazy scores.

However, if you take points out of the equation, the modes are fun, and make a good use of the whole playfield. It feels rewarding to slay the dragon at the end.

Shooting the multi shots to get multiball feels rewarding. The abyss shot is pretty easy to accomplish, but somehow always feels great and is quite unique. The ramps are enjoyable, and I like how they don't just feed the ball to the in lane.

The catapult is a pretty middle of the road gimmick.

It's worth noting, that this game is pretty easy, which can be viewed as a good or bad thing.
3 years ago
Pinbot is one of my favorite games and the first game that I've ever owned.

I prefer the non-licensed games, as it opens up the artists to a wide range of possibilities. And the robot-space theme is surely one that many people can get behind. The art work, sound design, and playfield design work perfectly together.

The visor is an awesome gimmick and being awarded multiball feels like an accomplishment. The two different jackpots are fun and hitting the left ramp after locking a ball in multiball is very satisfying.

This is 100% a sharpshooter style game. There is next to no flow to it. You make a shot, and then scramble to regain control of the ball.

There are a handful of small things I don't like about the game. Primarily, advancing through the planets do not give enough points. These are risky shots, and the value is just too low to warrant going for them if you are trying to get a high score. They do make for a fun side objective if you aren't worried about points. Secondly, the skill shot rarely functions the way that it should. It is nearly impossible to get the skill shot to work the way they intended. This is a design issues.

The jackpot rolling over between games and ball steal aren't the most conducive to a competitive style pinball experience, but they are fun for a casual players.

Pinbot tends to have an unforgiving left out lane that you'll quickly have to learn how to nudge out of.

I don't expect that this game will ever leave my collection.

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