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ExitWound's pinball scores

There are 5 scores stored in ExitWound’s score database.

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Highest scores per machine

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Bone Busters Inc. 17,785,840 2015-12-25 home 3 #1
Big Hurt 2,697,726,850 2015-01-04 home 3 #6
“125 runs, 48 catches, 18 grand slams, 20+ home runs”
Space Shuttle 2,866,260 2014-10-29 home 3 #23
“Two ball multi-ball responsible for most of this. It really adds up to max that multiplier.”
Stargate 2,846,260,840 2014-01-18 home 3 #13
“All missions list but few completed successfully unfortunately. Eye of Ra flashing, 6 of 7 segments found. Battle mode 20M to 70M = 270M of that.”
Starship Troopers 400,667,330 2008-12-09 home 3 1.00 #16