By Evlkracker

January 29, 2021

26 days ago

Hello. I first posted last night with great excitement as I had finally gotten my HH machine working after years and years of storing it. My husband and I bought Haunted House and Blackhole in 2000. We had them serviced and working and loved them dearly. I played them both at every opportunity. Alot of life happened. Many many moves, many kids, a divorce. About 10 years ago I had to choose which machine to get rid of, I had no room and could not keep both. I kept HH as it has always been my favorite, the first one I played at an arcade as a child. After 1 day of my daughters and I playing it is not functioning again. I came to pinside because everyone I have spoken to about fixing my machine has said no. Every retailer, every pinball repair shop. I found one yes, he got it running but made it pretty clear he didnt have time to try to find parts should anything else break. All of this to say THANK YOU SO MUCH PINSIDE and the lovely people I have connected with in literally 24 hours. So many helpful tips, resources, and people with know-how that are willing to help me. ❤

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1 day ago

That one has been on my wish list for years. I've played it (but I'm not very good with it), and loved the three-dimensional aspect of it.
Congrats on getting it running again, I hope it stays that way!

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