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2 years ago
I had a WCS and it didn't last long. It has a good layout and theme, but there are a couple things off with it that just bugged me too much. The magnasave is the most pointless magnasave I've seen, it's basically a single-use flipper catch that's way more likely to drain on you than an actual flipper catch. Also the left loop which is important for progression sends the ball back directly to the left outlane, which is very frustrating. The sound package is pretty decent and gets you excited, but then the gameplay itself bursts that bubble.

edit: as an afterthought, the kicker arm that launches the ball into the goal on your free throw is unobtanium, if you're looking at one of these to buy, make sure that's not already cracking (or repaired, but poorly).
2 years ago
Theme is great, execution is pretty weird, but I think that's Anghelo's calling card. The game is simple but fun, easy to learn, but tough to master. Love the groovy music and the lightshows for the various jackpots are great. You can never go wrong playing or buying a Taxi.
2 years ago
The 10-pin rollovers are brilliant. The artwork is amazing. Even though the game is very dated with chime sounds and slow play, it's still fun to come back to again and again.
2 years ago
Not my cup of tea, the main visible playfield area is too small and cramped, and the ball is out of sight too much on the right side. Fun theme though.
2 years ago
Space station is really fun, and there's something awesome about the 80's 8-bit background in the game. The station itself is a pretty cool toy for that day and age. One complaint I have is that it's hard to tell which lanes are lit and which aren't, and even with a transparent upper/mini playfield, there's a patch where it's hard to see the ball and I prefer visibility at all times. Great game though.
2 years ago
The only machine I've owned twice! Firepower is fun and challenging, and great for it's era. Once you've played modern pinballs, it might start to collect dust, but it will still retain some charm and playability.
2 years ago
It's ok, but nothing to hook you. If there are other machines around, I'm probably not choosing T3.
2 years ago
Interesting playfield, more light than a thousand suns, but the layout is so overly complicated that it hurts the game.
2 years ago
Hard to get into this one. Playfield has a weird layout, and they sacrificed a bunch of space for a terrible bagatelle game. Somehow I keep finding these in the wild, and I've given them a lot of plays, but it's just not a great machine. Probably a great one if you have kids and want a pin for them though.
2 years ago
I had remorse when I first bought EATPM, but over time I came to love her. I like this one much more than Scared Stiff, to be honest. Fun music, callouts, and light shows.
2 years ago
Kind of a one trick pony. Call up the ring master then bash him. Anything else is risky and worth less points. Artwork is... abrasive.
2 years ago
This is a strange one for me. It hits all the right buttons. Open layout, unique artwork, interesting lighting, good sound track. But for some reason, as a whole I get bored and walk away after a game or two.
2 years ago
Huge Simpson's can here, but i just don't get it. Game play is nothing exciting and the callouts are kind of annoying. I'm not a huge fan of mini pf either, so that affects my enjoying enjoyment of the game.
2 years ago
The chest seems to be a sdtm drain fest. Game ok, but is not as fun as EATPM. Not sure what to think of the spider roulette game in the backbox. It's fun once or twice, but then it's repetitive.
2 years ago
Great game. Rules are a little vague, but you'll figure them out after spending enough dollars.
2 years ago
Not a fan of the band, but it's a pretty good game. A little disappointed with the giant face mid playfield, kinda ruins the artwork (if whatsyourface ever happens to read this, I'm not commenting on your looks or likeness, just the design choice of focusing all the artwork on the face unrelated to game play, rather than laying down artwork that makes sense with the game flow).
2 years ago
I thought DI looked giddy when I saw pics of the unveiling, but this game is really fun. I love the selfie mode. I do find it a little confusing, it's hard to tell what you're supposed to be doing much of the time, and what your progress through the challenges is, but I'm sure that would come with time and experience.
5 years ago
You can never go wrong with a getaway. Always fun.
5 years ago
I've had DW for three years and it still grows on me. This is one game I'll probably never give up. The music / music quality is a little lackluster, but I installed a pinsound with custom sound mixes and it rocks now!