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August 2015 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Argosy 1,121,990 2015-08-19 home 3 #3
“Finally rolled this game before league night at Gerry's”
Future Spa 905,070 2015-08-19 home 3 #10
“My best game to date on my FS”
Pirates of the Caribbean 91,887,310 2015-08-16 location 3 #126
“Solid game of Pirates during the Rochester pub crawl event”
Fish Tales 86,670,980 2015-08-15 location 3 #128
“Finally a half decent game on this brutal FT at Rock Fantasy”
Johnny Mnemonic 9,634,482,070 2015-08-07 home 3 #57
“Made it to countdown for the first time on this machine (Replay=EB)”
Star Trek (Premium/LE) 351,043,040 2015-08-05 home 3 #25
“This was one of my first couple games on my new Star Trek Premium (Replay=EB)”
Pro-Football 60,560 2015-08-02 location 5 #10
“Horrible game.. but strangely addicting”
Freefall 632,250 2015-08-02 location 3 #1
“This is a very fun unique game”
Eight Ball 203,980 2015-08-01 location 3 #31
“Practice game at Pinburgh”
Dragon 612,700 2015-08-01 location 5 #5
“I actually enjoyed this game quite a bit”
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