Star Trek Next Generation Pinball Restore and Enhancements

By Eric_Manuel

August 15, 2021

43 days ago

Nearing the conclusion of building "Star Trek - The Pinball Experience"


* Latest Software LX-7

* PinSound Plus with 5 sound packages

* PinSound Headphone Station

* Digital 2.1 Enhanced sound with PinSound speakers

* Color DMD



* Borg Figure (two) custom interactive led (3) mods

* Romulan Ship (Hallmark) custom interactive (3) leds mod

* Klingon Ship (Hallmark) custom interactive (7) led mod x2 ships

* "Borg Alcove Display" with 25 minutes of hd media (version 16)

* "Borg Alcove Interactive Sound" (version 16)

* "Romulan Empire Alcove Display" with 24 minutes of hd media (version 12)

* "Left Active Menu Display"

* "Right Active Menu Display"

* "Star Trek Media Experience Display" with 1 hour 32 minutes media

* "Star Trek Pinball Experience Display Header" with 1 hour 30 minutes 4-plex video wall media (version 7) with sound

* "Dual Live Cannon POV Cameras mod with interactive live displays

* "Star Trek LCARS Display"

* "POV Live Camera Display" featuring live gameplay hidden by right ramp

* 12 Subwoofer audio reinforcement for PinSound

* Sound Bar and Subwoofer sound reinforcement system for Borg Alcove Sound Display

* "Variable Speed Control Mods" for Cannons

* Extensive additional playfield lighting and enhancements

* NEW Power Driver Board

* New Mini 8 Driver

* New Display Driver Board

* New CPU Board with NVRAM

* New Flipper Driver

* New - Updated Opto Driver Board

* New Opto Transmitters / Receivers (16 sets)

* New - Updated Opto Ball Trough Board set

* 3 HD Media Players for video playback

* 4 HD Raspberry Pi Zero systems for video playback

* Rio Grand Shuttle Mod (Hallmark)

* Cardassian Ship Mod (Eaglemoss)

* Goddard Shuttle Ship Mod (Eaglemoss)

* Ferengi Ship Mod (Eaglemoss)

* Borg Cube Ship Mod (Eaglemoss)

* 1701-D Enterprise Ship Mod (Hallmark)

* 1701-D Enterprise Ship mod with customer leds (Playmates)

* Rebuild and functional coin door

* Mick's Pinball LASER mods for Cannons

* Mick's Pinball LED Mods for Cannon Lamps

* Mick's Pinball Start Mission LED Mod

* Back Alley Custom Borg Ship and Cannon Paint Mods

* Video screen media / animations account for 3 months of research, development and production.

* Update Ball Trough

* Tie Back mods

* Matching Dual Led Speaker mods

* Customer Subwoofer speaker cabinet

* All coils rebuilt

* Pop Bumper LED toppers

* Custom Ramp Lighting x3

* Custom Illuminated Star Posts x9

* Illuminated LED Lock

* LED downlighting below cabinet

* Starfield / Nebula Projectors x2

* Custom LED Backglass Illumination

* STTNG Side Blades

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33 days ago

Eric has done an amazing job restoring this machine and more imprtantly, ENHANCING it with many extras and video screens, cameras etc. Search for his videos on Youtube.

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