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3 years ago
This game has it all and never gets old. The rules are so deep and hard to attain. I keep finding new things and am not even close to the end. Since the pinsiders have banded together to add more original sound, this game is second to none. Best game ever in my opinion.
4 years ago
I got this game after seeing some videos come out. I put my deposit down and then figured I'd decide down the road if I'd be getting this, based on everything else I heard. Most people seem to love it. There are some outliers that don't like it, and want the world to know they don't like it...... Over and over. I'm here to say that so far it is freaking awesome.

The games shots are tough and unforgiving. You can't just wildly flip and expect to accomplish your goals. Stacking the catapult and 3 knights multiball is insane and also very challenging to collect the massive points. The upper playfield is necessary on any black knight. Some say it slows the game down but I actually love it. You MUST learn to nudge or you will never accomplish anything upstairs. This is making me a better player. The actual modes, along with the animations, are great. I'm not a heavy metal type of guy but I still think the custom soundtrack is perfect for this high speed game. Most of the time there is so much going on so fast, that the pace goes right along with the music. It is a great combination. I also reached the retro mode. That was a nice touch. I've always been a fan of the black knight games so that was a nice add to this game. Build quality seems very strong. Are they using newer cabinets? Everything is solid and I only had one issue with setting up. The upper flipper wasn't moving freely. That was an easy fix. As far as playability, I really have to force myself to stop playing at night. This game makes you keep wanting one more game. It gets your adrenaline going and I usually can't fall right asleep after playing it. I'll report back in a few months but don't believe the haters on this one. I got my Monster Bash Remake LE two weeks prior and Im not even playing that game much. To each their own but I recommend going the premium/le' s a lot of play. Learn the rules and learn to nudge. This game is freaking great and will probably keep getting better! I highly recommend.

UPDATE - I still really like this game, but since jurassic park premium came home, it's not getting much play. It definitely is not as good as jurassic park but is still a solid game that people ock to at my house. I have adjusted my rating.

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