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4 months ago
Just grabbed a Star pool in a deal too good to pass up.
While it's not a great game, it is a fun multiplayer game.
Scoring is a bit wired. And you really just want to avoid the spinner in the center.
Overall just a fun game. Again it's not great, but good all around.
4 months ago
I wanted to like this game heard so many good things about it. I Played it at a few shows and liked it. (Volume very low)
I have been playing for the last week. As we were able to get one for our league. And sorry to say... I hate this game. It doesn't play bad. But even though I like iron Maidens music. In a pinball machine it is repetitive and annoying as hell. Callout voices are terrible.
The music, modes and lightshows all blend together. To basically not give you a clear idea of what's going on.
Every mode basically feels exactly the same.
No real toys to speak of.
The layout is fun, and new. The art is great. But it honestly is not a machine I would ever want to own.
1 year ago
Current rating based on current code. But as it stands it is extremely unfinished with unbalanced scoring. And not intuitive on what to shoot for. And no real shot callouts.
Mystery award wtf?
Place holder texts seen in the first few seconds of play.
Come on. Really? Makes me wonder what else is missing.

Fun SR layout that flows nice. But overall it seems bare and the code is a complete mess. Again with no direction on which way it is going. Just release it and worry about what to put in it later.
There has yet to be a good SW pin made.

Also the showroom model I played had ghosted inserts and you could see the sanding marks on the inserts under the clearcoat. And the playfield was full of craters. The Diled in next to it looked perfect and it was/is a prototype for testing.
Get it together stern and up the quality of your pins.
1 year ago
I only rate MMR slighyly higher by .1 than the original because of the great updated dots. Otherwise it's the exact same game #1 for a reason.

Pure pinball perfection and fun. I don't think there will ever be another game like it.

For those saying it doesn't play like the original. They are wrong. It plays exactly the same as the original. Exactly like it did when it was new.

Some original owners trying to lower MMRs rating.
Suck it up.
It was remade for a reason. It's the best machine, new or old.
3 years ago
Just picked one up having never played one before.

F-14 is fantastic! I was missing out all these years.

Great system 11 rules, sounds, and gameplay.
Fast furious game. With one of the best lightshows I have seen on a system 11 pin.
I got it on a whim. But Its definately a keeper.
3 years ago
A super fun game. Its nice to see a EM machine that really stands out art and sound wise. Not a card theme, bowling, pool, etc.

One of the best art packages on a EM.

The dragon sounds and digital chimes are also make this game stand out from other EM machines.
No slingshots either.
Built like a tank. Reliable.
And it plays fast, super strong popbumbers. And the plastic playfield make for short ball times. A great multiplayer game.
Unbalanced scoring. But the Dragons make up for it.
4 years ago
Cabinet art and backglass are stale. DMD animations are great, however the game just doesnt do it for me. To me the shots feel awkward. And more of the same center toy shot. And oversized out of place bash toy "well walker"
Zombie theme is a great Idea in concept. But this currently doesnt seem to work. And the playfield layout makes it a bit clunky.
I thought I would want one right away but after playing it a bunch I can say I cant see myself ever purchasing it.

I think they could of actually done more with just a generic unlicenced zombie theme.
And it would have more relevancy in the future.
TV show based themes. Get dated quickly eg.
CSI, 24,
5 years ago
Now after 2 years of owning ST. I lowered my rating a bit.
The game shoots great but modes seem to blend together with no real difference in shots etc.
It still flows great. Has great sound fx. Lights etc. But for the amount of modes in this game it could have been so much more.
Hoping for 1 last update to fix the blandness of modes. Because I think if it stays how it is my ST will be next on the chopping block.

And it's too bad because honestly this game could be amazing. But it seemed they had no real direction in how to differentiate shots or goals between modes.
Other than adding more shots with the away team on tier 1 missions. Best part about away team is space jump. You actually need to hit that shot. But if you don't hit 9 other shots first, it finishes the mode. But with a lower medal. Away team on a successful space jump shot should instantly equal a gold medal.

ST needs more callouts to help differentiate the modes.
Away team completions should equal instant gold medals.
Incorporate the warp ramp shot into more modes or mode.
Shield targets incorporated into a mode.
Photon torpedos incorporated into more modes. Besides vengeance hits.
Timer bug fixes. And cut off callout fixes.
5 years ago
After owning JD and finally selling it I had to change my rating.

A good game overall. But the lack of any real wizard mode made me eventually want something more gameplay wise.

The deadworld mod is s must on JD. As leds in areas.
It has a few dark areas and some shots feel awakward.

But if you like ramps and games with lots of flippers this is the game for you. However After a few months I found the game to get a little stale and repetitive.
5 years ago
I dont know what it is about playing Tron but I honestly hate the way this game plays. I find it not so fun to shoot. I find the art and layout boring. The music gets on my nerves.
I know it gets lots of love but I honestly don't see it.
6 years ago
Out of all the pins I've owned and played this one is the best and my favourite. Gets a 10/10 in every aspect, and deserves it. A machine way ahead of its time, and still ahead of every new machine that comes out. Plays better than AFM ( a top 10 machine), looks better, sounds better than just about any other pin made. A definate keeper in any collection. George Gomez hit another homerun designing this masterpiece. Pinball purists seem to dislike pinball 2000's, but if Williams/Bally were still in business making pins they would be the norm. Should be in the top 10 if not top 5. Just think of what programmers could do with todays computer graphics and technology. Imagine a Spiderman or Tron with interactive holograms. Fans of the new machines are getting ripped off, this is what pinball should be, not could have been.

And for those who say pinball 2000 is smaller than normal pins you may want to know. For history buffs, Williams' standard playfield length increased from 42" to 46" in 1988. With Pinball 2000, the size is changing from 46" to 43". This makes the Pinball 2000 playfield 1 inch longer than classics such as Firepower, Black Knight, Comet, High Speed, Pin*Bot, and Cyclone among many others.
7 years ago
Played it at a showroom and honestly it is terrible. CHEAP AND AWFUL! lackluster, uninspiring. And people say SWE1 ruined pinball (slots) But I have a feeling Stern really made a huge, possibly catastrophic mistake with this one.
7 years ago
Terrible game, terrible licence, terrible artwork. Soprano's pin WHAT? Played it for the first time in a local bowling alley recently.

Another STERN Flop. I could only see this pin in bars and pizza parlours or possibly a die hard fans home that does not collect pins, but wants to own it just to show off to friends that might think it's cool because of the show. Really only interesting to a very select few. Not a collectors pin, or a good one thats for sure. And really does nothing to tie gameplay into the show, kinda wierd was Soprano's a sitcom? Soprano's pin summed up in these words...forgetta 'bout it.
8 years ago
After owning it for about a year now. I had to edit my rating. Iron man is the one machine I can't ever see leaving my collection. Most addictive and fun Pinball game ever!
9 years ago
Good effort by Stern, a fun pin. Only problem is forever having to see Elijah Woods mug on the backglass.
9 years ago
My friend own this game and we play it ALOT. Theme is good, Artwork is fantastic. Just take two good looks at the backglass. Overall just a really fun machine.
9 years ago
I think that this pin is highly over rated. I played it once at a bar and I will Never, Never, play it again. Stricty for fans of the king. STERN resurrected Elvis, but shouldn't have. Really Ugly, Repetitive,Annoying, just not all that fun. Only redeeming quality is that it is a pinball machine.
9 years ago
Good machine for someone who wants to start collecting pins. Great bang for your buck pin. Lightshow beats just about any pin out there. Sound music and speech fit the game perfectly without getting annoying. Plays well, but can be frustrating because of some short ball times. Overall a really great classic 80's machine. Fun Fun Fun