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4 months ago
So this is a game I fully expected to hate. Prior to playing I wasn’t a fan of the band. Buddy got an Le and every time I played it I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I kind of fell into this se and will upgrade to an le for sure when the time is right. Ok let’s get into the game!

Theme integration is unbelievable. This thing absolutely oozes GNR and a concert setting. The rules are very deep and take a while to learn them. That doesn’t stop someone stepping up and having a fun time though. I am a fan of deep rules so JJP games are in my wheel house. I hear this game has too much multi ball for no reason, but those people clearly don’t understand the rules. Estranged is almost a 9 minute song, and if you have any hope of completing it with a huge score that multi ball is crucial. I love the pre song phase where you try and get Max ball save and lock as many balls as you think you can get away with. It has a bit of risk reward feeling to it. Then starting a song after preparing for it and watching the octane hit 10 is a great feeling. The press your luck in the song makes it so exciting. Do I cash out the jackpot or add a ball and try and make it further in the song and grow that jackpot? Then if you make it to the end of the song with a big jackpot you have 10 seconds to hit that scoop or you get nothing! I think it’s a great mechanic and makes every song exciting.

I think this is another winner by JJP and is always a favourite with guests.
9 months ago
While this game didn’t last long at my house it wasn’t because it was bad. I would actually like to own this one again in the future. The layout on this game is amazing. It shoots very well and has excellent flow. I myself loved the deep rules and challenging of getting all the gems. The tower shot was very satisfying. This game is a Elwin masterpiece as far as I am concerned. It’s a great pin for a home environment.
1 year ago
So this game comes as complete surprise to me. My wife saw this game on YouTube and really wanted me to try and get one. I was having a hard time paying the JJP price tag as I have only owned stern and had never played a wonka before. The theme while good wasn’t a dream theme or anything for me either. I ended up finding one within a few hours drive of me, so I took the plunge. WOW! This game has so much more going on then it looks like from an initial glance. When I went to pick up the game my first thought was this doesn’t have that much going on. I was very wrong. This game is loaded with amazing shots, magnets, toys and has 4 flippers that allow you to make some cool looping shots. The theme is implicated in this game so well that I had to go re watch the movie right away. I love the call outs, sounds, music and videos. The game shoots buttery smooth and is just a joy to play. It does feel different then the sterns I have owned but that’s ok by me. Wonka is just so much fun. The build quality is the stuff of dreams. I cycle through games very fast and my wife told me if I sell this I am a deadman lol. It is has enough things for a casual to have fun, but the rules are incredibly deep and gives me something to sink my teeth into. This is a great game for home use. I very pleased with this game. Bravo Jersey Jack. The last thing I can say about this game is it received more plays in 2 weeks then some of my games I have owned for close to a year. My dad was visiting when I first got it and I couldn’t peel him off if it. My wife has also been playing a lot which isn’t very common.
Go get a wonka!
1 year ago
Alright so this is the first game I am giving a perfect 10. Some people are gonna think I am nuts, however I will try and explain my thought process. So first of all theme is excellent for me. I personally like the psychedelic look of the playfield and mix the expression lighting in with that and it really pops out in my opinion. As far as the cab artwork I know some people think it’s boring and lazy, but in my mind it screams zeppelin and is very iconic. I wish it had more than 10 songs but the songs included are most of my favourites so I am ok with what is on this machine. People also complain about the grainy concert footage but once again I feel it fits the mood of this machine perfectly. So now on to the most important aspect the gameplay. So let me start off by saying I like open playfields and am not hung up on cramming toys and as much things as possible on a playfield. The open playfield allows insane flow and combos. The flow is my absolute favourite part of this game, when you get flowing and in the groove to a favourite song that feeling is unbeatable. The ramps are very smooth and very back handable. The upper flipper shot is a difficult shot , but when you make it feels amazing. The electric magic spinner is the toy I never knew I wanted. I love open playfields but when that spinner is up it changes how you interact with the playfield. The magic spinner is kind of like a mode in my opinion as when it’s up that’s all I shoot for and enjoy it when it does make an appearance even though it removes the flow in a fun way for a while. Ripping the em spinner is amazing and that sound affect us great. Em frenzy multiball is amazing. The rules are greart for this game and let you attack the game in various ways. Bought this without playing it and no regrets. This may finally be the first machine I keep longer then a year and possibly even bolt it down to the floor. If you are on the fence about this game or just been hearing the pinside hate , then go do your self a favour and track one down to play a game and decide for yourself. Also I haven’t played the pro so I can’t knock it but that being said I would very much so miss all the premiums features. I think this game seem like a premium or bust.
1 year ago
My rating may change as I put more time into this game. For now I feel I can share my thoughts on it. I absolutely love Star Wars so I may be a bit biased. So obviously theme wise this game delivers for me. The most important factor of a game for me is fun and this game is huge in the fun factor. The game is loaded with shots so it can come off as a bit tight but it still has good flow. It doesn’t feel clunky to me. I love the tilting upper playfield it’s pure mayhem up there. I actually enjoy the child magnet and the force throwing the ball around. It doesn’t get a lot of use but when it does it’s pretty neat. I haven’t played a pro but I feel I would miss the ball diverter for the ambush shot, as it keeps me on my toes when I shoot for it. The rules are good in my opinion, they are clear on what I have to
Do but deep enough that they don’t feel shallow. The video assets and call outs are amazing. I feel like this game is very immersive during its modes. I particularly like jet pack multiball. I like the co op mode and the impossible modes as well, they will help the longevity of this pin in my home environment. The artwork is amazing on the cabinet and playfield. I am very impressed with this game. The longest I have kept a game is a year so I guess time will tell if the mandalorian is a permanent fixture in my house.
1 year ago
This theme is a huge home run for me. I love Iron Maiden and the songs chosen for this game are a good collection. This playfield is very unique and a shooters paradise. You are punished for missed shots and rewarded for successful ones. The upper flippers enable you to do a repeating loop which is very satisfying. This game just feels so different compared to everything I have been able to play so far. This is a winner and I wish to own it one day.
1 year ago
I heard a lot of people complain about how this game was empty and by pictures alone I agreed. After putting some time on this machine I was 100% wrong in thinking it was too empty. This game is so fast and flows so well you don’t need anything else on the playfield. It took me a bit to get used to successful shots flying back at you just as fast as a missed shot. The video assets are plentiful and the music, modes and light shows are awesome. This theme is very special to me so I might be a bit biased towards this machine because of it. I now really want a pro or a premium in my collection.
2 years ago
It’s a fun enough game. The spinning wheel in the centre is cool concept but can also kind of hinder your shots as it takes up a large portion of the playfield. A random game that has its moments.
2 years ago
One of the first games I got to put some time into. It’s a fun game that everyone should play. Would love to have one in my collection one day.
2 years ago
This game gets so much hate that I skipped over owning it at first. Now I own an LE and I couldn’t be happier. I can see how people say the rules are a little on the simpler side, but in my opinion that definitely doesn’t equal less fun. The art package is just beautiful in my opinion. The playfield art is so detailed that I love to just admire it. A few more video assets and some call outs would be nice, but I really enjoy the ones they do have. The videos and call outs are just plain fun. I also really dig the 60s style music on this pin. This theme is a big home run for me as I love the whole monster/Halloween feeling it has. As for gameplay in my opinion the shots are sooo smooth. I love the feeling of the ramps. The Herman bash toy/magnet is fun and seeing spot come out if the stairs is just plain cool. As for the lower playfield I absolutely love it. It does feel different but I enjoy how it has a different feeling to it then the upper playfield. The zap jackpots are also a neat aspect that can keep you busy and are fun to shoot for. This is pin is a complete win for me and I am so glad I decided to give it a chance.
2 years ago
I love this theme a lot. Playing through the songs is great fun. This the machine that got pinball back on my radar.
2 years ago
It’s unfortunate that most people do not get to play this machine setup and in the shape it should be. When the flippers are strong and the machine is setup well you better look out. This machine plays fast and is very fun. Spelling Superman may seem simple, but requires you to play the entire playfield. The artwork is amazing and the Atari sounds fit in great. This machine by far gets the most play out of my collection. This is an underrated game and will never be leaving my collection.
2 years ago
I have owned deadpool pro for about 2 months now and have put about 350 plays on it. At first I loved this machine and I think it was because it was the first modern pinball machine I have played in forever. After 2 weeks of playing I started to get frustrated often and feel the gameplay was clunky. I was debating on trading it for something else but decided to give it some more time. I started to really put some effort in with getting some of the key shots down and that’s when the game started to click for me. The clunkiness started to disappear and games really started to flow for me. I love all the varied modes and different animations and music that goes along with them. There are so many different things going on in this game. The katana and snikt shot are so satisfying, and I love ripping the dazzler shot as well. lil deadpool has grown on me and he still makes me chuckle as I play. Friends and family have enjoyed playing deadpool as well when they come over. Deadpool is a lot of fun and really has that just one more game factor. Highly recommend this game.

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