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Rating #1 of 251 6 years ago
What can I say other than it is Centaur with differnet art. My game is having customised art work put on the cabinet as the original art was in such a poor state it wasn't restorable. The build quality seems good, although the plastics are not as sturdy and Centaur. At the moment it is missing background sounds and I'm not sure if this is deliberate or not.
Rating #2 of 251 6 years ago
An attractive and amazingly colourful game. The rules are easy to understand but although I'm normally keen on drop target games this one demands too many unavoidable risky shots. This detracts from the skill of the game-either that or I can't play it properly.
Rating #3 of 251 6 years ago
An interesting game of opposites and contradictions with a very retro early 80's play-field layout.
The good: Quirky electronic sounds and brightly lit play-field. The game also benefits from a large LCD on the back panel records scores and records pictures of players who achieve high scores. The rules are nice and progressive as the more shots you make the more things you light on the play-field. There are no moving switch parts in the game, which registers shots magnetically (I think).
The bad: Very retro so will disappoint players that are used with modern machines, no speech. The LCD is under-used as it doesn't have much animation. There isn't much flow in the game other than the shots into either corner and the bottom ball guides seem positioned to disrupt the flow of the game.
Overall this is a game that because of its simple layout, bright colours and quirky sounds will appeal to families and casual players rather than serious pinheads. This is no bad thing as there may well be room for a basic game in the pinball market to encourage new players. Pin-heads are liable to be disappointed but there is enough there in terms of innovation and game-play to make it worth putting a few coins into the game. I hope they are successful and that they make another title a more exciting theme.
Rating #4 of 251 6 years ago
Provisional rating here that may change as I only played around 10 games on it so far. It took me a few games to get my eye in but once there the game rocked. Lots of action, nice layout and loved the sounds.
Rating #5 of 251 6 years ago
Good family game-fun but nothing special!
Rating #6 of 251 6 years ago
A nice looking game with cool red displays but the game play is below average and the sounds are really basic.
Rating #7 of 251 6 years ago
Firstly let me say that my rating was based on several games at a show. It was in a quiet spot though so I did get a chance to explain the game pretty much. It is certainly challenging which is good and I would certainly rather own this title than none at all. Having said that there are many other better looking and better playing games out there from that time period. Worth a play but not worth searching out.
Rating #8 of 251 6 years ago
A nice playing game, nothing outstanding though other than the back-glass lighting. Well worth playing and a looker.
Rating #9 of 251 6 years ago
An early SS kit game with nice art. Nothing original but as nice to poly as the original and of decent quality
Rating #10 of 251 6 years ago
Got to love those early 80's sounds and the great ball walker multi ball release system. A great game in its day that is still fun today.
Rating #11 of 251 6 years ago
A fun game package. It has everything that a good pin should have. Nice rules, good shots and layout, hurry up features, video modes and a gun feature that it well integrated into play. It's a good all-rounder and a reliable game that did well on site here in the UK. The only minus is that the voices can get a bit annoying but on the plus side you get to choose the music, which includes ZZ top's "Sharp dressed man" .
I have a real soft spot for this one as it is the game that got me interested in pinball.
Rating #12 of 251 6 years ago
The good is that it is a sweet playing game with lots of small twisty lanes and flow. I was really enjoyed playing it in a busy arcade, which brings me to the bad. I went back to play it for a second quieter day and was really disspointed by the annoying and repetitive sounds.
Rating #13 of 251 6 years ago
Played this at a friends one evening. it's atmospheric and creepy and different from anything else that I have played. From memory it has a bat hollogram topper that is easily missed as its not very effective. It doesn't compare well with games of a similar age from the top manufacturers-hence the low rating.
A game for the collector!
Rating #14 of 251 7 years ago
I must admit that my rating is based on only a few plays but I played it enough to realise that it was clunky and not for me. I don't like the stop start nature of the play or the wide ramp thingy.
Rating #15 of 251 7 years ago
I had the honour of playing this at a show in Holland a few years back and got quite a few plays in. It's a nice fun game with a cool spinning record toy. It's lack of depth is the only let down but it is great fun and plays well.
Rating #16 of 251 6 years ago
Hmm well I played this a few times at two shows now and feel I can make a provisional rating.
I have to say that I haven't get very far in the game because the ones I played were 3-ball drain monsters and I don't feel inspired to play it much more.
At the first show I was undecided about the game but felt that I much preferred the CSI and Avatar on either side. At a more recent show it was next to a Tron, which was light years ahead of RS in every way. If I were going to own a fast exciting 2-flipper fan layout I would pick Ironman every-time.
I would only play this game if there was no other alternative-a disappointing game that looks cheap and uninspiring!
Further plays have confirmed that I'm unimpressed with this game-no imagination and a rock that did their best work in the 60-70's in my opinion.
Rating #17 of 251 6 years ago
My review is only based on a douzen plays or so over a couple of days at a show in the UK. The rules and gameplay were nice and the playfield looked great due to the bright inserts. I'm not overkeen on the artwork but it is memorable and worth playing. Also very rare!
Rating #18 of 251 7 years ago
Nice allround game. I love the rule set and the pop up targets. Sounds are also great. Makes a good competition game provided you take the time to read the rules.
Rating #19 of 251 7 years ago
Fun and a revolutionary design! Not the best in terms of lastability.
Rating #20 of 251 7 years ago
Fantastic design and great fun in a collection but I wouldn't want to play it every day.
Rating #21 of 251 7 years ago
Always worth a play!
Rating #22 of 251 7 years ago
Its a pinball game but there are many EM's that play much better in my opinion so it wasn't a particularly good SS game. I prefer 8 ball, Strikes and Spares etc.
Rating #23 of 251 7 years ago
Nice game and a rare find.
Rating #24 of 251 7 years ago
A great fast playing game, with good rules. Sounds let it down in comparison to most other games.
Rating #25 of 251 7 years ago
A nice game, The art work is superb, I love the mountains on the play-field and fantasy back glass. If you want something nice to look at and don't mind slower games it's worth searching out but there are plenty of better playing Sterns from the 80's in my opinion.
Rating #26 of 251 7 years ago
A nice single ball game. Stargazer and Big Game are still my favourite single ball Stern though.
Rating #27 of 251 7 years ago
Played this in France recently. It is worth a game and has an interesting play field but it just isn't as refined and as well put together as the "big brands". Same goes for the art. Interesting game though
Rating #28 of 251 7 years ago
Plays nice enough
Rating #29 of 251 7 years ago
Views of shots are often obscures-bad design no excuses
Rating #30 of 251 7 years ago
Good fun but not much depth
Rating #31 of 251 7 years ago
Nice double level game!
Rating #32 of 251 6 years ago
At one point it lays a melody from a Dario Argento horror! can't put my finger on from which film. Not much depth but challenging and worth playing.
Rating #33 of 251 6 years ago
This is a nice game. Not really outstanding in any way but it has an interesting playfield and good level of challenge. Well worth playing or restoring if you come across one.
Rating #34 of 251 7 years ago
I always play this game when I see it. The fact that it has a small lower play-field makes it tough for a novice. It looks great but it seems pretty shallow to me.
Rating #35 of 251 6 years ago
A nice single ball game but seems to waste space on the play-field as it is to open for my taste. Big Game is better I think.
Rating #36 of 251 7 years ago
This is a really nice single ball game. The game play is challenging, good rules. The sounds are also nice as although simple they add urgency to the game at times. The lack of in lanes and curved bits above the flipper make it relatively unique. Art is stunning!
Rating #37 of 251 6 years ago
Marks based on one afternoons play-very impressive and challenging. Love the toy and dots.
May update later
Rating #38 of 251 6 years ago
It's like two great games in one. You have the risky "expander", ball lock/multi-ball game and the fantastic flow combinations offered between the left lane and two ramps. I want one!
Rating #39 of 251 6 years ago
Nice game but a bit overrated when compared to the opposition. Amazing for its time though
Rating #40 of 251 5 years ago
Recommended for anyone who likes flowing games. Exciting game to play and stacking up those "combos" add an extra dimension. Great value for money pin that plays really well.
Rating #41 of 251 6 years ago
The more I play this game the more I like it. It is good fun and a very solid design that has lasted well on site.
Rating #42 of 251 6 years ago
Nice adventure game. Modes have to be earned which makes it pretty unique and fun.
Rating #43 of 251 3 years ago
I always liked all three of the pinbot series of games. This game appeals to both beginners and experts alike and looks great!
Rating #44 of 251 6 years ago
How can you possibly not like a game that has a chicken singing along to the 1812 symphony? Fairly simple but fun game with great sounds.
Rating #45 of 251 7 years ago
A complicated game for it's time and therefore it is rare to find one fully working. Worth a game though
Rating #46 of 251 7 years ago
I haven't played this a lot but have enjoyed it when I have-may update when I have played it more.
Rating #47 of 251 7 years ago
Nice looking game but doesn't have enough shots to keep my attention.
Rating #48 of 251 6 years ago
The wheel breaks up play and ruins a potentially good game
Rating #49 of 251 7 years ago
can't stand the sounds on this sorry!
Rating #50 of 251 7 years ago
Rating #51 of 251 6 years ago
Great fun but a shallow game!
Rating #52 of 251 6 years ago
Uprated my opinion after playing the game turned up load recently. The DE sound is much better than I thought and the game really rocks
Rating #53 of 251 6 years ago
ooh dear, just doesn't play well and game times are to long.
Rating #54 of 251 6 years ago
Great game, I love it its easy and too many multiballs. It would have been nice to have some changes in pace. Love to play it where ever I find it but wouldn't want to own one.
Rating #55 of 251 6 years ago
Couldn't get into this at all. The toys seemed a bit OTT, crude and cheap. I didn't like the music or the shots. Score is based on several plays only but why play it more?
Rating #56 of 251 6 years ago
I really like playing this game on site and occasionally but I'm not sure if it would have the lasting appeal of other titles at home. The gameplay seems to center around only a few objectives and there are already a lot of 2-flipper fan layouts that are better. May modify my views after more play.
Rating #57 of 251 6 years ago
I haven't played this a lot but the more I play this one the more I like it, which is just as well as I wasn't impressed on first play.
The flow, game rules and timed elements are what make it fun and the light shows are superb. It is just a shame that Chloe sounds so bored. I would certainly buy one if it came up at the right price as I would like to play it more.
Rating #58 of 251 6 years ago
Its got flow and that neat circulating ball trick but the theme, art and sounds doesn't do much for me-infact the commentry is quite annoying. That makes my rating look bad but I do enjoy it.
Rating #59 of 251 7 years ago
I love the theme but not the game, play is broken up to much in this game.
Rating #60 of 251 6 years ago
Nice rules and a better use of tha moving target than the Stones but nah!
Rating #61 of 251 6 years ago
Flow and speed is all you need!
Rating #62 of 251 6 years ago
Good family theme but its just a bit too tedious. I played this on site on 3 balls and got tired of the game before the end. It is a good play-field layout but the game lacks variation and excitement. Sounds may get annoying after a while.

Note: Played it more in someone's collection. I like the theme and the shots are good but I just doesn't light my fire. It doesn't seem to have any highs.
Rating #63 of 251 6 years ago
This game plays really nice!
Rating #64 of 251 6 years ago
naah to clever for its own good-just don't like it at all.
Rating #65 of 251 6 years ago
Didn't like this at all on first play but having played it more I found the ramps smooth and challenging and the rules good once I had figures out what to do. Well worth owning and a fun game, if you come across one at a reasonable price.
Rating #66 of 251 6 years ago
DE's first game boasted a ground breaking sound and light package, backed up by solid game play.
Rating #67 of 251 6 years ago
Wow what a great game. At first glance there is little to differentiate it from many other games from this period but the difference is that in addition to a balanced playfield and rule set, it has loads of targets to pick off. You have the targets on either side and all the rollovers in the center.
Once you get them there is a challenging spinner shot around the left to ramp up the scores when lit.
It is always challenging and never gets boring. I also love the real chimes and outstanding art which are a bonus!
Rating #68 of 251 6 years ago
This game is all about having fun, a tongue in cheek title that packs a great sound and light show together with a serious challenge.
Rating #69 of 251 6 years ago
This surprised me. I didn't like it much first play but the more I play it the more I like it. A deep and fun game that I rate as one of Lawlors best games.
Rating #70 of 251 6 years ago
CSI is not like any other recent game that I know. It is different but a very satisfying game to play or own. All the shots are challenging and it is a bit of a drain monster so it is very satisfying when you get it right. I has 3 multi-balls, one of which is the ultimate challenge in my opinion. Game Tactics: CSI does a superb job of telling you what to shoot at but even so there are a few strategies that are worth bearing in mind. Stacking multiballs: This gives you both longer multiball times and bigger jackpots. It also by default gives an increased chance of starting frenzies etc. Skull and Centrifuge MB stack well, as do Centrifuge and Microscope but Skull and Microscope MB don't stack. This is because it isn't possible to continue collecting evidence during Skull MB. Light the “Evidence” at the microscope as soon as possible so that subsequent shots count towards Microscope multiball. Use the lane change to light the in lanes for the CSI bonus and shoot the saucer regularly when lit as there are some good awards there. I usually try and start Skull MB just before Centrifuge and try to stack them if I can. Big points can be achieved through stacking features, such as frenzies and Ballistics, with multiballs and then collecting as many goodies as possible.
It sounds simple but it isn't. Don't be too picky as this game is a drain monster if set up correctly, as the game says “Our victim isn't the only one who's taken a beating.” I'm really pleased to have found a modern game that isn't on rails and doesn't have long ball times. It's a tough game but my advice is to leave it set a hard game because when you get on a roll it is really exciting. The bottom line for me is that CSI challenges me to play better pinball, which is why I now own the game. Eddie Mole 2011-03-01
Rating #71 of 251 6 years ago
A great concept and well designed game but the toys interrupt the flow of the game.
Rating #72 of 251 6 years ago
Super fast ramps, great rules and my favourite wizard mode. I miss owning one so much!
Rating #73 of 251 6 years ago
A great game that never gets old. It is well named as it is fast.
The small flippers and slings all around add a touch of unpredictability when comparing it to other double level games. The sounds and lights are great and I love that old Stern robotic speech but what makes this game my favourite is the rules.
Extra ball shots move between target banks, it has a bonus time countdown feature and you have to hit all of those stand-ups on both play-fields to start multi-ball. The middle target bank is a sucker shot so you have to bounce the ball onto them from the sides. Once multiball starts hit the superfast central loop to rack up the blue bonus. Make sure all the lamps are working and you have a great game.
I had this game at work for a long time and it has been one of the most popular games and got played every lunch time. The ultimate in terms of rewarding speed and accuracy.
Rating #74 of 251 6 years ago
A good original game, with nice shots and an original rule set. The only thing I would change is the automatic lighting of multi-ball on ball three but I appreciate that it is there for novice players. This game has lots of depth and a great wizard mode that is tough to get to!
Rating #75 of 251 6 years ago
unfortunately I'm not a poker player and don't like the art. I am sure there is a good game in there somewhere I'm not interested enough to find it.
Rating #76 of 251 6 years ago
Nice game, good range of shots and play-field layout. Would like to own one sometime-maybe not a keeper.
Rating #77 of 251 6 years ago
Just downgraded my rating slightly having played this game quite a lot recently. There is nothing really good about this game other than the theme. It's a bit of a clunker, by that I mean I don't find the shots very satisfying and although the sounds are good they get old pretty quickly. I had the chance to buy either Ripleys or Sopranos a while back and bought a Ripleys-I definatley made the right choice as it is a much more satisfying game.
I tried to like it I really did but no thanks!
Rating #78 of 251 6 years ago
Nice game, could do with some more depth but is a nice all-rounder. Will add more after more home play!
More time spent playing means that I like it even more. Changing the "magnet use" setting in the adjustments make it flow better. One of Steve Ritchie's best ever layouts. The way the ramps flow over the top play-field is pure genius. My favourite game at the moment.
Rating #79 of 251 6 years ago
T3 is a great game with two faces!
Play bad and it is a horrible drain monster with virtually no ball save. When the balls are draining Arnie gets repetitive by saying "shoot here and here" all the time. The gun game comes up every game, all of which becomes annoying but wait.....
If your playing well the game really flows and there is lots to do, great dots and sounds and lots of tactics (stacking stuff etc.). Also the gun game gets more relevant and challenging as the game advances. There are lots of neat things going on such as Blitz and firing the gun when the ball is in play.
There is far more to the game than I first thought. The whole game is so fast that I need to concentrate hard to keep up.
T2 is possibly the coolest game in the world but T3 has far more going on and blows it out of the water. Hmm maybe I need both?

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