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1 year ago
Great looking title, wanted so much to like this game but it just seems to miss the mark.

Wouldn't last long in my collection due to rules and gameplay.

Sadly disappointed and find the lower playfield a waste of time.
3 years ago
Poor wizard mode. Easy to master game
4 years ago
Code v1. 17 has made this the complete package now. Artwork, sounds, gameplay and layout are up there with the best games. The new code has made it lot easier to play, but at least you can tone back many of the changes if necessary to suit your needs

Overall, this is a tough, brutal game where shots are tight and must be made on the run and extremely frustrating at times.

I have increased my score as I believe this title will be a classic in time.
4 years ago
Not a deep rule set but perfect for this brutal game. Fun to play whether its a quick game or a long one, but really satisfying when you do get it right and rack up the points
4 years ago
Had to update my rating big time since owning this game and playing code v1. 80. It is not a fame for the below average player as it can be brutal, but if you can make the shots it's great fun. Now add learning the rules and it becomes a classic. From really disliking to absolutely loving this game. How a bit of code tweaking and game time can change one's opinion. A keeper for sure.
4 years ago
Sparky is a great toy. Nice flowing shots. Too easy to get multiballs causing long game times. Will own one of these one day
4 years ago
A fun game and the better of the two pin2000 games. Nicely animated and thought out wizard mode. Games can last for a long time and lots of repetitive shots