Pinball Memories

By em_ed

February 22, 2017

3 years ago

I am just a mid 50's guy who fell back in love with pinball about 12 years ago after seeing an old electromechanical machine in a movie the wife and I were watching on tv one night. Seeing that old em machine reminded me of a few pins I grew up playing in the 70's. Some of those were Jack in the Box, Jungle, Hot Shot, and also a few solid states like Playboy and Fire Power. Those memories soon became inquiries into purchasing a machine of my own. The first was Space Shuttle, and after a little work, it was playing fast and fun. Of course that only led to me finding another machine. This time it would be one from my past, a Jack in the Box. Since then, I went from not only collecting, but to repair/restore and selling/trading. Gottlieb EMs from the 70s are my favorites but I collect and restore others as well. I have had as many as 14 pins but currently have 10 (8 em -- Jumping Jack, Wild Life, Surfer, Jacks Open, Hot Shot, Spirit of 76 (2), Hang Glider, and 2 ss -- Space Shuttle and Playboy (1978). My wife has been supportive (her favorite is Space Shuttle) and has suggested I go into the repair/restoration business. Maybe I will in the future since I have grown to love bringing these old memories back to life.

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