My first "new" Game and how to make it "perfect" (a modding story)

By EM-fan

February 03, 2021

21 days ago

As an EM lover, I always had an eye on "modern" EM-style or early SS style machines. Hence I was really happy to get a chance to get my hands on a "The Beatles" about two years ago - where I wrote the "official" German review.  Since then, I was really having an eye on that machine.  

As to my understanding, all three versions of the games were technically identical - thus as I am not looking at it as an invest or collectible, I was looking for the cheapest "Gold" version.
And there it was - just 350 games on the counter and looking like new with just two minor flaws

  • a small scratch on the playfield glas
  • one broken clear plastic at the top right 

Cutting a long story short, it ended up in my living room looking to be made "just perfect".  But what in the world does that mean?  Preserving the contemporary "EM like" style while being maximum fun.  Thus here is what I applied: 

Having fun:

  • topper - the original Stern animated topper was it - and nothing else!
  • playfield glas - it needed to be anti-reflective
  • shaker - easy to install - shake it for the fun
  • cup holder - you need a place for your bottle!
  • violett flipper rubbers - just look so much cooler than the original red ones - while still beijng close to the original

EM Style

  • knocker - make it real and get rid of that artificial sound
  • white playfield plastic nuts - replacing these moden lock nuts
  • coin mechanisms - this is part of the game: make it ready for being out in the wild - even though it will never make it out there

Still looking for other changes that will tune into the game... Ping me if you have any ideas!

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20 days ago

sorry - submitted the article before it was finished! Please send back!

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