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6 years ago
Love this game. Everything from the spooky horror theme to the campy comedy. Elvira is all about innuendo and this game delivers it in spades. Great flow with a very unique backglass incorporated. I love sci-fi pins but my love of horror films and the classic nature of this game, I can see myself owning this one someday.
6 years ago
This game is simply epic. The rules are so deep that it sometimes makes it hard to just play a quick game. It can be a quick time consumer if your are not careful. If you are a fan of the books or movies, this game is for you.
6 years ago
This machine continues to lead the pack when it comes to DMD game. The table is just simply well thought out from every aspect. Quirky in all the right places and it compliments the theme perfectly. It amazes me the price that this machine still commands.
6 years ago
T2 is another one of the original tables that spawned my passion for Pinball. It was the table that taught me about the concept if rules in pinball. Before this, pinball was just about preventing the ball from draining. The cannon concept and unique plunger trigger really set this game apart. Sure the rules tend to focus a bit much on the Terminator head shot but get the multiball going an things get pretty busy and you have to remain focused. Really hoping to add this machine to my collection someday.
6 years ago
This machine is one that I gained a real respect for 'flow' on a table. This machine is fast fast FAST! That combined with the theme of the game, it is a perfect sequel to the original High Speed. It took everything that was good about the original and improved on it and added new and innovative ideas. To date, I still don't think any other table has even attempted the Super Charger concept. It adds a very visceral element to the game that gets your blood pumping and your heart racing. I look very forward to someday owning this tablel
6 years ago
For a Sega pin, this one isn't bad. The one major thing that seems to get negative attention is the lack of depth of gameplay and rules. Having to repeatedly hit the center shot over and over can get a bit repetitive, but it doesn't detract from some of the really cool shots on the table. The ramps are tons of fun and it makes this game a lot more approachable for novice players. Kids love it because of the theme. Loud jet sounds and aliens all over the place. If this machine can be had in the $1,000 to $1,500 range, I wouldn't hesitate to pick it up. Especially if you have a sci-fi or movie themed game room.