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2 years ago
I agree with most of Jar155's comments. The game itself it very pretty to look at and had a great light show.

The rules suck! I know it is still in 0.85 code, but come one, make modes worth more and do something to encourage players not to play groot multiball all day.

The magnet in the middle of the play field is a horrible idea. Not even sure what they were trying to accomplish. It routinely hurls the ball out the left outlane after a player makes their shot to the orb or starting groot multiball. I got so fed up I have actually turned it off until a code fix happen (it better effing happen Stern).

The layout is great. Totally low effort on Sterns part as it is almost an exact copy of Metallica. But the layout is actually slightly better than Metallica which is a top 10 machine. So while not original, it is at least copying something that was good to begin with and tried to make it just a little better.

The video clips are a big ugly mess for the most part. Who needs call-outs? uh pinball machines thats who!!!! Whoever is in charge of integrating the video clips screwed the pooch big time, with one exception. The extra ball clip is awesome. But I look at that as more of a happy accident, because the clip is perfect for a lcd pinball clip.

Anybody else hate Sterns new outlane guides? I don't know of any player who likes them. They seem to magically be able to move the slowest most safe looking ball going down an inlane and suck it to an outlane. GET RID OF THOSE GUIDES!!!!! WTF DID YOU LEARN NOTHING FROM GHOSTBUSTERS!

Overall the game still has promise to be a very good game. All of the hardware is there. Are there literally no programmers left on the planet? How can that be your bottleneck? What is going on over at Stern? It makes no damn sense. You could scribble a rule set down on a napkin and have a single guy implement it in no time flat, and it would be superior to what they have released and had on the market for 4 months now. The video stuff may take a bit longer but at least get the rule set down. I'm still hopeful, but everyday that passes I lose hope.