My infusion with the silver ball

My infusion with the silver ball

By DylanDuplant

May 16, 2017

1 year ago

After closing down my dying handyman business during the recession I began a more lucrative career growing marijuana, prior to legalization mind you when it was still profitable. I found myself with a surplus of cash and little too much empty space in my house. I had always wanted a ms pac man cocktail. When I couldn't find one, the thought occurred to me that people could own and posses pinball machines. I began obsessively searching and eventually bought my first which was a fish tales. As everyone else is aware once you buy one you may as well buy 50. I eventually met some other collectors and we founded the west coasts premiere arcade Blairally. I helped grow Blairally into the pinball Mecca it is today, and although I'm no longer a part of it I'm proud of my accomplishments there.

I continue to collect and restore these machines and I feel they will always play a part in my life. 

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