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By dwightheinink

June 05, 2020

27 days ago

My father bought in 2005 his first pinball!  a fully restored CFTBL (I was about 4 years old). I loved the lights and the sounds from the very first time. It didn't take long and we had our second one. A karate fight, almost HUO, and also the third one was there soon! a Phantom of the opera. When i was around 14 years I started working on the creature, changing bulbs rubbers and cleaning the pin. My father always had a mechanic for it, because he couldn't do it himself. I learned myself everything, from soldering to changing parts. When I became 16 I started my study in electronics, and not long after that my own first pinball was there! A maverick, (without DMD) what a mess! When i finally had a DMD I found out the driver didn't work, and it almost took me 9 months to fix it... I sold it with a big loss of money, but that didn't keep me away from pinball !! after 2 years I'm still restoring them, and I love them! your'e never to old or young to play pinball ;)

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