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4 days ago
The ultimate Scooby-Doo theme! Has everything you grew up with.
Presently code and rules are lacking, I do hope they catch up. Its awesome now with shots and callouts. Modes are fun and approachable. Fun for all ages and skill levels. Some more depth would make this theme a 9.5-10
14 days ago
Weird and quirky. Fun in a unique way. No out lanes or ramps. Keeps you on your toes. Now you see me now you don't ball. Lots of places it can disappear only to feed back to a flipper in a lighting fast way. Stay on your toes. The colors are the Weird part. I commend you if you know whats going on there. Do the thing!
29 days ago
Super fun, brutal game. Some of what you're shooting for/at is unclear. I can say I understand 90ish% of what I'm doing but the rest is fuzzy.
I love, LOVE, the fact that you can steal the multiball. Your loss is my gain, bwahahaha!
It has an 80's shaggin wagon, get in the van, I have candy mural vibe.
I own this, its one of the most popular games in my collection.
Quick game, like most from the era, will beat the pants off of you and make you want more.
5 months ago
I Love the theme. Too bad it missing Gina Carano. She was a big part of the show.
The upper playfield adds a very cool feature to the game. Its tough to master the shots up there. The game itself is very fast and rules are deep and can be confusing. Some tough shots that can be learned by doing the challenge mode.
The challenge mode is a very cool thing to have in the game. I believe more stern games need this in them. If they do I've never noticed. It gives you the opportunity to learn shots and get better at them without having to play an actual game.

The callouts and mode sounds are great, integrating clips from the series.
The impossible mode is another fun mode for game play. Its interesting where you can't trap the ball for more then a second or two or the flipper goes dead. Helps you get better making shots.
I do wish the baby yoda/Grogu wasn't a static figure. Especially for what you pay for this NIB.
There's a mod but again for the price c'mon.

I recommend watching a game play video or two. There's a couple great ones.
Overall its a fun theme, but can be complicated for the average player. Worth the plays, especially if you can get into the challenge or impossible modes
5 months ago
I've played this in a few environments. It just doesn't click for me. It has all the godzilla assets which is cool and very reminiscent of saturday and Sunday afternoon TV. Even the campy announcer guy. It does have some cool shots and the center building that's collapses for the multi ball and the breaking bridge. Its complicated with a ton of rules that confuse me.
The light show is good but sometimes overwhelming. I'm glad that people like it, but not for me
6 months ago
Ive seen this out on location in a few places. I've always gravitated to it amd when I had the chance to own one I jumped on it. I'm enamored by the backglass and theme. The zipper flippers and they way they add into the game when they close, letting you focus on hitting the drop targets and advancing the Olympus bonus.

The upper and lower parts of the playfield are like two separate worlds.
The drop targets and standing targets synced up make an extra ball.
Skill shot is ridiculously tough and hard to actually hit. Out of all the times I've played it, I think Ive only gotten all them a small handful of times.

Definitely a great game thats worth owning/playing from the early bally era.
7 months ago
Just took it out of the box. Learning shots and rules. This is my initial impression after about 50 games.

Update. What a fun game. Unique shots, understandable modes and rules! Thats huge for me...
Fun call outs though I wish I could turn off the hurry up/ ball start callouts. Those come so often they get annoying. Pinside thread has game creators involved so if there is an issue or coding problems they can address it.
American pinball makes quality machines , it doesn't respond to emails about problems.

Very fun and lasting game, with satisfying shots and approaches objectives. Very much recommend especially for upgrades at the price!!
7 months ago
I'm still trying to figure out what the theme actually is. I think its a disaster/black ops/alien invasion game?

Have to learn the shots to do the things.
Modes and big bang together are integral. Get the sim Cards.
Thats as far as I've gotten

Kids like the game, selfish mode.crazy. emoji modes score points.

Fun and frustrating, but not as aggravating as other jjp games so far. Still has same scoring like am em game.
9 months ago
Interesting game. I like the diverter ability on two of the ramps. You can pick your skill shot by using that option. The theme sucks. This movie was awful. There is an pretty cool upper playfield with the drop targets and the moving bar/wedge. Kinda like playing as a soccer or hockey goalie. Keep the ball in the playfield and score.
9 months ago
Very unique game with interesting shots. Theme is a winner for me. Not 100% finished, so I can't wait to see how they tie the game up. I will/would have one in my collection at some point in time
10 months ago
Extremely fun yet unforgiving. I could play her all day, walk away frustrated and be wanting more. Any where she is we find her and play it.
11 months ago
Yeah! Oh yeah!
If you were a wrazzlin fan this is an amazing themed pinball.
The shots are fun and at time hard. Upper play field and tiny flippers are a blast if you can make it happen and last.
Haven't gone too deep into the game and it was a bit loud where we played it, but we played it over and over.
The Macho man call out at the end of ball is hilariously awesome.
It had my wife and I adding this to the must have game list.
Edit. We've owned it for a bit. Its moving on. I really enjoy playing it. I actually went thru all the modes and beat the game.
11 months ago
The second installment of the black knight series, moves in leaps and bounds with the advancement in technology.
Single flipper on upper playfield can be weak at times but its mostly operator based. Gotta have that timing.
Still super fun and long lasting game that challenges you to up your game and has some tricky shots that do just that.
1 year ago
Fun game. Tough to score. deep complex rule set typical of JJP games. They score like EM games unless you do some crazy complex video game deep rule mode shots

I love that the jjp fan boys flagged my rating. Bwahahaha. Just for that I'm gonna drop it like its hot.
1 year ago
Everytime I play this I like it more and can expand on what and how I play.
I really dig the hot wheels theme, the game is based upon a YouTube hotwheels series, which I'm not a big fan of. But I do like the game play, lighting, and rules
1 year ago
Pretty simple rules. Basic sounds, sexy theme, great game to learn shots.
Fun over all
1 year ago
Its a slick, sexy game. I'm not 100% sure if there is 2 modes/rulesets in this version.
I played a different version than the original version, I liked it but not as much as the original. Fun game, definitely very playable.
1 year ago
This is the most metal pinball I've ever played.
Its got a great flow to it, the theme is amazing and way to incorporate the two previous games into this one. Homerun in my book.
1 year ago
I love this game. From the first time I played it.
My kids play it, which I think is an accomplishment.
I bought it from the first owner it had 178 plays on it, in just over a week we've added 550 plays. The other games in my house are forgotten.
The flow of the game is great, and beginner/average player friendly. The theme is great and easy to understand.
It came with the Cleland sound mod chip, which takes the game to a level 5x over the original sounds and music.
Ramps are a bit cheap, and I'll probably look for a wireform mod. But there are a ton of upgrade mods for the pro model that make it really great amd add a layer of reinforcement to a somewhat flimsy original base game.
I'm excited that I'm able to add it to the collection. It's going to have a place for a great while
1 year ago
I ended up trading this. Its initial flashy jukebox allure wears off pretty quickly. The shots are not friendly to an average player. The household quickly grew tired of playing a mode through only to get low to no points. The sound is amazing and nostalgic,, but it doesn't sync up with video of the tour, because it's from their albums and not the tour.. Dont watch YouTube videos of the tour if you don't want to be disappointed. I'm happy to have owned it but am glad I was able to find an awesome trade for it.

This is an insane pinball. But not just a pinball, it doubles as a video jukebox.
Its a Cadillac or a Mercedes or what ever high end car comparison you want to use.

There is a deep rule set with lots to do to accomplish tasks and some interesting modes you can play.
Collecting the band members so you can start a song is fun and challenging. Especially figuring out the upper playfield shot to get Duff/throw the lights/lock balls.
Getting the multiballs that add to the song mode can go either way. You can get none of them or all of them at once. Makes for some crazy play.
Song modes are the best part. High scores abound if done properly. I can't seem to finish this part yet. The frustration of losing a 40mil song jackpot is a real thing.
Album modes are fun and slash solo can be tricky.
I've been able to get through all the albums, just not together.
Coma multiball is a great and fun ball save if you can make it happen.
The patches can be confusing but once you know what they do, they're a great help.
1 year ago
This is a super fun pin. So much so that I had to add it to my collection. It flows and it'll catch you off guard. The upper playfield is the place to be. Complete the drops and light the arrows. Get the multi ball and maybe an extra ball
Lower playfield gives you the multipliers and more drop targets, another shot at a multiball and if you cann swing it another extra ball.
The magna saves are unique and you have to learn when to use them , but don't remember too late or the Black Knight will laugh at you.
1 year ago
I've tries to play this at multiple locations before I write a review.

Thematically its very cool. Lots going on with the band and fun callouts

At times it get real busy, all most too much. Stacking multiballs and different modes can make it hard to hit certain shots. The lights can be confusing.

Ruleset can be confusing. Not exactly sure how things happen or what the goals are.

I really do enjoy playing this, and am considering buying one. Sometime a bit less is more though
2 years ago
Fun late 80's fighter pilot game. Think Top Gun and Iron Eagle.

The upper playfield is where all the action happens. You have to learn how to make it flow.
2 years ago
An interesting game, has an olde timey silent movie feel to it
The fire plug is a big plus within this game that cam and should be used to your advantage. A couple of tricky shots and a fun multi ball. The ceramic fire wheel under the play field adds to the over theme.

Update. I've sold this. Its a mediocre game The playfield plastics are junk and game was made as cheaply as possible. Wear and tear and lack of proper maintenance can really hurt the game. The theme doesn't last long before it gets old amd stale.
2 years ago
Lots of fun, unique design with the pinball and arcade in same cabinet. Tough to initially get the concept, then once you grasp whats happening it sucks you right in. You need to get the hang of the pinball part to do well in the arcade.
2 years ago
This is by far one of the best games ever made.
It was my first NIB purchase and a game that I will never let out of my collection.
The theme is fun.
The rules are understandable and approachable.
There is depth, but no so deep youbdrown in rules minutia. New players can step up and do the thing and it can be set up so that advanced players can play through it as well.

Get your hands on one, if available.

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