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4 days ago
Want to love this. Art is great. Upper half of the playfield is great. The lower is, crap. The lair shot is compromised to place the upper flipper where it is. The lair and april targets are boring. Oversized give me shots that might as well not exist. Ruins an otherwise great game.
4 days ago
Got this as a means to trade another game. Figured I would end up trading it away if. I didn't like it.

Game is gorgeous in person. The playfield art works perfectly with the games lighting. The powdercoat and cab art look terrible in sterns photos, but in person jaw dropping.

Having just gotten tmnt le, this blows it away. I do not get the ratings on here because turtles seems like the worse game yet currently rates higher.
3 months ago
Owned this.

Beautiful game. Just a stunner in person.

Terribly built. Thin ramps. Thin wireforms. Couldn't pull coin box without lifting the playfield.

Layout is just ok. The inner loops should have gotten spinners. The scoop in the middle needed a drop target or a toy to prevent you from constantly hitting it.

Callouts are poor. Really understanding what little rules there are is poorly communicated. Company folded before most of this got done so in the end it is more an art piece than a game.
4 months ago
Love this game. Playfield layout needed tweaks and the community has provided a few 3d printed parts to smooth out the shots. Once they are installed the layout feels perfect. Big fan of the art because it fits the theme. The number of callouts and the humor are not really found in other games. It is an oddball theme that went all in on what it is and delivered.

My gripes with the game are related to maintenance. The apron flexes if you lift by it. The apron gouges the playfield so not uncommon for people to cut the corners. Everything runs off servos which occasionally fail and everything on the pf is long screws with sleeves instead of posts. It is finicky to take apart and put back together. This said, it is also one of the more reliable machines I own and worth the headache.
4 months ago
This is a very fast shooting game with a shallower ruleset. Really what is holding it back are mistakes heighway made in terms of construction.

Induction switches tend to settle in their sockets and not detect the ball. Easy fix and will be trying to 3d print a spacer, but annoying.
USB cables wiggle out of the io boards causing resets to coils, switches, and lights. Again, working on a 3d printed part.
The computer is underpowered and causes the animations to lag at times, this is most noticeable on ball launch when trying to rev for the skillshot.

On the flipside, because people are scared off of it, the game is cheap for what it is. Bang for buck this is tough to beat. It is far more reliable than alien. It doesn't have the power problems and the pcb's under the playfield are smaller, easier to get to things without removing, and not the headache to remove. Love the game, although the theme itself does not speak to me. Animations are better than AP imo.
4 months ago
Had to play this during league a number of times. It is a drag. I like the beatles, but all early beatles aimed at boomers was a mistake. The game is overpriced for what you get. It felt like a poor cash grab recycling a a classic ss layout. Would much much rather play Sea Witch.
4 months ago
Amazing layout with excellent ruleset dogged with a terrible theme. It feels like 90s sim city and while relevant today, the predominate obsession with cell phones will date it poorly.
2 years ago
Straight up, this is probably my favorite machine of all time. I would put this ahead of LOTR as at times that one can feel like a chore.

The cabinet is cheaply built. The translite is actually a big sticker on a piece of glass. The flippers mechanisms wear our too quickly and are near impossible to replace. Parts are a pain to get for it. It is worth all this headache and so much more.

The modes are shallow, but a few are challenging. The pf layout is brilliant. Theme integration is perfect. It is a lite take on a haunted house. It is limited to two ball multiball similar to creature. This is not some deep game where you study strategy for tournaments. This is the game you keep coming back to because its just a joy to run through. I am going to knock the game a point because the scoring is not strictly balanced, but of all the games I have had this is the one that both experienced pinheads and newbies both flock to, and keep playing after a game.
2 years ago
I rated this game rather highly. I bought mine having only played it on location twice, months in the past, with the sound very almost muted. I gambled that I would like it. Before buying the game I liked 3 Rob Zombie songs, and two of those I hadn't listened to since HS.

This all said the game is an interesting piece. Build quality is like a boutique car. There are things that are incredibly high quality and well made, and design features that make you scratch your head. For example, the clear coat, powdercoating on the hardware, and backglass (surprisingly heavy) are miles beyond anything stern does. Other things like how the apron is assembled, really make you wonder what they were thinking.

Now the game itself is unique. It is an adult theme, it needs to be played in adult mode. Yes, the display is a little muddy but when comparing it to a stern of the same time period a color dmd beats an led dmd. The swearing, nudity, and sarcastic nature of some of the callouts is great. This is the kind of game you play with your buddies over a few beers, not with the kids.

Code has enough depth to give you plenty to do. Modes are interesting due to several requiring you not hit certain things or fail the mode. The shot layout is not typical, but the game is also fairly forgiving. I don't find that the numerous slings or pops send balls sdtm. It does not feel like balls unfairly find their way to the outlanes. Make a bad shot and chances are you get punished, but it doesn't feel like you are getting hosed by design.
5 years ago
Alot of neat ideas, but the software was never finished and it really shows. Such a pity as it is a beautiful machine.
6 years ago
Just not a fan. Love Metallica's music, but after that did not get into this at all.