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Novice Pinsider

By Dunes67

November 02, 2020

26 days ago

I am new to Pinside, I am currently trying to purchase my first pinball machine. It's hard since I'm not knowledgeable about the way shipping works. I live in Idaho and there aren't a lot machines around me.

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18 days ago

I've only bought one machine in the past. I would recommend using Michelle Bianchi with Beltmann. I had a good experience arranging shipping with her.

I would recommend looking at this thread for your shipping options:

Most if the time the buyer pays and sets up the shipping.

15 days ago

There are quite a few reputable companies you can buy from anywhere in the US and they will ship it to you. All you do is pay them. I know in Houston has a huge selection and they ship anywhere.

10 days ago

Joystix is a bit high on price. If you're not buying a newer pin, the prices are $1000+ more than they should be in most cases. Sure some of them are in fantastic shape, but man...Almost 6k for a demolition man(and it will be after tax, not even including shipping), 4.5k for a Fish Tales, $5500 for a Terminator 3!!?

They're better off finding a user on here that has good feedback. Someone that's done it enough to help them with arranging shipping, or will arrange it for them.

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