Records, Live Music, and Pinball

By DumbRecords

October 02, 2019

This story got frontpaged on May 18, 2020

2 years ago

The Dumb Records Arcade is a recent addition to the store as this collection of machines was originally featured in a DIY underground music venue called Radon Lounge. Since Jan 1, 2020, Radon Lounge has joined forces with Dumb Records, bringing along the arcade and pinball collection.

My first pinball machine was Fast Draw, which I purchased in 2012. For a while I was slowly trading up from one machine to the next until I realized what would be even better than 1 pinball machine was 2 pinball machines, and it's been a growing problem ever since.

I enjoy sharing my pinball collection with the Springfield community. I couldn't rationalize keeping around such expensive toys just for myself.

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