Moving Day!! The pins are gone :{

By DuffysArcade

April 05, 2019

13 days ago

I am currently preparing to retire from the military and move back to the USA, and part of this process is the effort of moving all of our household goods. While I have moved at least 10 times during my career, this move presents some unique challenges. I bought my first 3 pins while living in Germany and moving them out of the basement and across the world has caused me some concern. While my machines are not collector quality, they are still classics which I've invested a lot of money and time into. I tell myself that these things were designed to be thrown in the back of a truck and carted around to various locations by operators who didn't care near as much as I do about a scuff or scrape here and there. I began a few days ahead by cleaning the playfields, removing all balls, trays, loose items and folding the heads down in preparation for the packing.

When the team of 4 movers showed up to the home I realized that while they had been working in the moving industry for 10-15 years, none of them had ever prepared a pinball machine for transport or moved one. They carefully documented the condition of the machines and with my supervision, we were able to remove the legs and wrap all 3 machines in about 4 hours. While I do not envy these guys, they were very professional and careful during the movement of the pins. Carrying over 200 lbs up a flight of stairs was done without so much as a bump into a wall. Some careful movement with dollies, hydraulics lifts, and shortly they were all safely packed into their crate for the 2-month journey to the USA. All 3 stored on their backs and properly marked for the movers on the other end. While I won't be there for the arrival, I've given clear instructions to the rest of the family. I really hope that the US-based moving company is as careful as the Dutch guys were!

3 Williams classics re-imported back to their birthplace! Let's see how they arrive :/ 

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12 days ago
Pinball Machines are tougher than nails, like our military brothers. They will survive the trip, otherwise there’s always Marcos

Thank you for your service
12 days ago
First off, thank you for your service. You're invaluable to our country.

I hope your move goes as smooth as possible. Welcome back home.
12 days ago
You have a nice collection and a great story. I bought my first pinball, a $150 Williams Grand Prix EM, while stationed at Cannon Air Force Base, NM. It survived four trips across the Pacific; following me to Osan AB South Korea, Luke AFB, back to S Korea at Yongsan Army Garrison then to New Jersey where I retired from the Air Force. Where in the states are you moving to? Good luck with the move. It looks like your pins are being well taken care of.
11 days ago
I don't envy you having to go through all that but it will be worth it when they get home...I still have around ten pins and 30 arcades to move out of my basement and into my gameroom bldg in backyard..lucky no shipping..but the steps and tight corners I'm not looking forward too.
9 days ago
Too bad, pins and, of course, you are leaving Germany !

The prices are so expensive here in Germany, maybe it were a good idea to sell them and buy again in the USA ...

All the best in your retirement, I have 4 years to go in GEAF.
9 days ago
Here's hoping for calm seas and smooth transport!

-visit to get my daughterboard that helps fix WPC pinball resets or my Pinball 2000 H+V video sync combiner kit
8 days ago
Good luck with the move, hope they arrive safely!!
8 days ago
Good Luck! When I moved back from Germany, the movers in the USA stole my Playstation 2 and Xbox after they took it into my house and I checked the box off as arrived.
9 hours ago
Awesome! Congrats on the retirement and I hope they arrive as well as the should!
I have 7 in storage while I’m in Tokyo (2 I brought) but wonder how they will be when I get back stateside.
All part of the fun right!!! Best to you in the afterlife!

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