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4 months ago
I bought a TWDPREM based off the strength of most pinsiders reviews and some of the popular Youtubers.

I just can’t get into this pin, I’m sorry. It’s just not that fun. You can have all the advanced coding you want, but if the geometry and layout are off, what does it matter?

Skillshot is cool, and the ramps feel good when you hit them, but otherwise, not a ton to shoot at. I have had some of the most difficult games of the last 20+ years, STTNG and Star WarsPrem. But this game is cheap, not necessarily difficult in a good way, if that makes sense.

Just not a lot to keep me coming back, the quality of the sound is awesome, but requires the Cleland mod. Cabinet graphics are whack, for all the talk of Borg being the best designer now, I’m not buying it. Steve Ritchie is still the king in my book.
4 months ago
Love this game!! My favorite Stern pin ever!

Whoever said this is a slow stop and go pin did not have it setup correctly. Add a little steepness and make sure this is level and those standup targets become deadly.

So much to shoot for, great skill shot off the plunge, many toys and added features and just a ton of fun. I never expected to like this pin as much as I do, and I don’t like the movies. It’s more of a generic Pirate theme to me, but it works really well, so much fun. A+++
1 year ago
Have had this for over a year now, so can adequately put a review in.

What else to say about this, a work of art by the Master Steve Ritchie. Just an amazingly fun game, that is both super deep; and just pulse pounding exciting. So many different ways to play this; I've played it close to 800 times in a year, and it gets better each time I play it.

Outlanes can be tough; but you can adjust kickback setting, I keep it at hard because the game is more fun that way to me. Excellent them integration; I'm not a trekkie; so really didn't think I would dig the pin; but with a color DMD and Flipper Fidelity speakers, this is a true treat to play.

It's fully dialed in; and that is a must; as that right flipper ramp shot into the ship ball lock, is just so damn satisfying.

One negative, might be the reliance on the right scoop straight ahead to start modes; but once you lock in the shots, this has flow for days; best flowing wide body I have every played...A huge thumbs up and really shows that B/W and SR are the kings of Pin.
2 years ago
Fun pin, played about 10 games on the KISS LE at the RailRoad/PinCrossing. Right ramp is tight, but rewarding when hit; easier modern Stern game; was getting replays a lot; through the pops on the left and around the orbit felt great...The Gene Simmons head reminded me of TFLE, ball not always registering in there, or slipping out; that wasn't great...I really didn't have a good handle on the rules, but was having a good time. Long ball times would be my one main gripe, but sound was excellent and I had a blast playing it.
3 years ago
Have had my T2 for 6 months now and love it; super fun to play. Fast, flowy type of pinball, just kinetic energy and fun to play.

Not super deep, the most important shots are the Skull and Left/Right ramps, then the ball locks on multiball for 3x jackpot, then one more in the skull for a Super Jackpot try. Music is great, the essence of early 90's arcade action for me. Goes great with a couple of Vids from that same period IMO. You don't need a novel long rulesheet either, it's pretty simple, but hard at the same time....Super addictive.

Make sure to put LED's in this, as I didn't like it nearly as much with Incandescents. Canon shot is fun, but I do feel this is a pin that you need in a collection of at least 3, as it keeps it varied; if this was my only pin, it might not have the same lasting power.
4 years ago
Awesome game, absolute blast to play. Went in expecting to like ACDC better, but Metallica wins out for me...So much fun to play. Very satisfying ramp shots, great flow, lots to shoot at and great music to match the action.

Exceeded my expectations and a pin that is now on my list to buy.
4 years ago
Just played this about 20 times over the weekend at a rental we were at...This game stinks! Playfield layout is terrible, STDM off of the main Toy, Red or Ted, whatever his name is...Outlanes were catching balls like crazy. I liked the 2nd plunger, that was cool; but other than that completely lame. Theme is so corny too, IMO...Maybe it was good in the 90's when it came out, but a complete dud now imo.
4 years ago
What a great pin, so much fun; great broad appeal.

Excellent flow and an awesome original theme...Wish it came down in price, because I would love to own one.
4 years ago
I was expecting a lot out of this pin, and was a little underwhelmed...It just didn't wow me; playfield layout is very cool, with a lot of variety...But just didn't click with me after about 5 plays.

Would love to spend more time on it, as I feel the theme is great; cabinet art is boring; and the toys on the playfield could have been better IMO; time will tell, as would really like to spend more time with it.

Sounds were a little underwhelming compared to other SuperHero Stern machines like Avengers and Transformers.
4 years ago
I have had this pin for about 5 months now, have played it a ton; so feel that I am ready for a thorough review.

Very fast game, lots of flow; out of all the DE's that I've played, I feel the flow is the best on this; if you crank up the back legs, this game is very speedy...Flippers need to be strong to be able to backhand both ramps; but love the fact that you can hit every shot on the playfield from either flipper.

Has great appeal for kids, with the beautiful backglass and rabbit out of the hat trick.

Scoring is heavy on the left and right ramp and on multiball, it's basic scoring, but super fun; challenging pin, as a ball that doesn't go all the way up the left ramp is usually a STDM drain, unless you nudge the machine hard; you get used to it...Gameplay can get tense at times.

Sound is good, have pinball pro speakers and sub in it, so it literally shakes; very good variety in DMD animations and sound.

Major knock on it is visibility in a darker room, it is hard to see the entire playfield at night; might be that I have some Blue LED's installed, but there just isn't a ton of lighting on the playfield.

Other than that, a very fun pin, with broad appeal...the kids love it and wifey and her friends like it too...Good theme for a family game room.
4 years ago
Update: Bought and sold off a TFLE Autobots after about two years with it. Ruleset is chopping wood. Gets very tedious after awhile. Fave part of the game Is the multi ball, but ball doesn't stick in the megatron hole. Annoying after awhile, along with the bounce outs on the special. As I have played a lot more pinball over the last couple of years, I would only recommend this in a huge collection of 15+ pins.

Had a ton of fun won this...Wow, really liked the Fan layout, music and speech are just incredible; played on a flipper fidelity system with sub and it was literally as loud as a movie theater.

Has broad appeal, especially if you have kids; would love to add one to my collection one day.
4 years ago
Really was surprised by this one, played a Pro; thought the flow was great, and had a lot of fun playing it, even though there were higher rated pins right next to it.

Great lighting, very bright playfield, which I liked...Would love to get a chance to play an LE version.
4 years ago
First pin I've bought...Absolutely love it! Will preface by saying that I am a huge wrestling fan; grew up watching WWF in 80's and 90's and still watch every payperview till today.

The pin is fun, fast, and has a lot of variety in shot types; I love the wide-body, rumble, alternate translite, have it pimped out with pinball pro sound and the sound effects and wrestlers' intro music are pretty much perfect, except for Bret Hart's, more of a remix on his track, but still awesome to listen to.

Super fun pin, and one that I will keep forever, I could see how it wouldn't appeal to wrestling fans, but isn't that the case with pretty much any licensed pin?