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By DrZarkov

June 16, 2022

61 days ago

Hi everyone,

While I have always loved pinball, I am a complete newbie when it comes to the greater community.

i recently came inti possession of the 1981 FLASH GORDON machine. I've always wanted a pinball machine, but never imagined I would ever have the scratch to own one. Now that I do I am over the moon about it!

After spending a nice chunk of change to get it moved into my house (the damn thing weights like 400 lbs), it's all set up in my recording studio. While the machine has electricity, the game doesn't work. A relative who is an electrical whiz thinks he can fix it, but that won't be for a few months and I'm DYING TO PLAY THE GAME!

There aren't many pinball repair places in my area, but I plan to call around to see if someone can fix it for me. I live in South Jersey, close to Philadelphia. Anyone have recommendations on good repair services to check out?

I have watched like half a dozen pinball docs in the five days since getting the machine. I am deep deep down the rabbit hole here.

Thank you,


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24 days ago

Have you tried calling your local arcades? They might have an employee who would be willing to come over and fix it for cash. If they don't, they have to be using someone to have their machines fixed. They can point you to the person who does their maintenance, and they'll inevitably be in your area when your local arcade needs them.

3 days ago

Have you got it running yet?

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