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2 years ago
Clearly everyone has pointed out that this is a play off of Attack From Mars layout. What I like is that they took it a step further and not only did this on purpose, but added shout outs during the game. Like the extra ball animation and the idea of "Total Isolation" (Total Annihilation). Much like Metallica and Guardians of the Galaxy, I do not get the feel that I am playing the other game, it stands on its own.

The shots feel different and feed to different areas. The sounds are great and it is easy to get immersed in the game. I am not sure why people whine about the plastic ramps... star trek (stern) has plastic ramps because it flows well. Indiana Jones Williams has plastic ramps. A ton of great games have plastic ramps. I actually like the feel of plastic ramps on certain games. They are quieter and faster and have a different look.

The demogorgan if set up right is perfect. Not too easy and not too hard. The big metal panel with the laboratory decal is uninspiring, but it doesn't bother me. I like the idea of it hiding the demogorgan, but it's just big and flat.

At my location this machine is doing as good as Jurassic Park. People walk up and identify with the art and theme, pump in quarters, and jump right into the action. It's simple to start a mode and it's clear how to progress. There is a lot to do... 12 chapter modes, 4 mini wizard modes, 1 main wizard mode, 5 demogorgan modes, a main multiball and other multiballs within modes, achievements awarded for other goals, and more! Even with early code there is a bunch to do. It will only get better.

like many games for home use people- If you don't like the theme you probably won't like the game, but you can't complain about the flow. It's a fun shooter and easy to hit shots. And like I said, there is and will continue to be a ton to work towards in this game.
3 years ago
I'm a long time fan of the campy Batman series from the late 60's so the theme is a no brainer for me. Shots can feel a bit clunky at times if you are not on your game and are missing shots, but I think that is the charm in this game. There is a bit of clunkiness in the TV series as well. Hit your shots and it flows beautifully. The callouts are perfect, the scene selections on the LCD are amazing, the music is spot on and the coding is brilliant!
4 years ago
This game is absolutely amazing. Other than the overall lighting for a dark room its almost all 6's for me. The Heighway team has some work to do as far as QC on machines that leave the factory so if you are going to buy this one, you need to have patience when setting it up, but hopefully they can get their stuff together and start shipping games that need less set-up time. Holy crap! This is THE BEST PIN of 2017 and even longer! Great shots, great rules, amazing sound and call outs. more more more...
4 years ago
Such a classic. From the time you start the game the fun begins. A great 80's soundtrack starts coupled with the cheesy organ and Dracula sound bites.

Not a deep rule set by any means but a fun game with very cleaver theme objectives. Gotta love collecting The Deadheads. Collect the tombstones and you hear a quick Grateful Dead "Not Fade Away" tease.

Never gets old.
4 years ago
I bought this game without ever even playing it and it has not let me down, I love it. Most of the bad reviews are from people that have not given it a chance or just regurgitate the folklore of the inner workings of Bally and the timing of the release. It's really too bad.

The animations are so great and even funny. Color DMD is a must. It has a fairly deep rule set, but it's not difficult to understand after a handful of games. Basically, give it more tries than a game or two. The modes are achievable, like Indiana Jones, which makes it fun.

The BS about the upper playfield blocking the roll overs is a joke. I find them more visible than Fish Tales for instance.

For those considering buying the game... The design of the mechanisms is nothing short of brilliant. Very easy to maintain and clean. The upper playfield is on a hinge system. Notes should have been taken for many other designers/machines of that era.

Give this game a try. Very underrated and fun!
5 years ago
The music on this game is epic, one of the best pinball soundtracks. Its fast, fun, and has a very interesting playfield layout with hidden tunnels, sideways ramps, and a very full/tight look and feel.
5 years ago
Of the early 80's split playfield games, this is my favorite. I am a huge fan of the theme and the artwork is amazing. Although it's not very deep, there are certain shots that are real rewarding and create a challenge that keeps me coming back. The two level playfield creates a fast game and can be unforgiving.
5 years ago
Like many have said. A great game to get a quick pinball fix. Simple rule set, fast action. It's a great Classic with a good soundtrack and great sound effects.
5 years ago
This machine has it all. Great artwork, lots of modes, great sound bites, fun playfield layout. The replay animation with the wip crack is brilliant. I can go on and on. It never gets old!