Don't mess with your friends Pinball machine...

By drumtillyoudrop

June 18, 2020

55 days ago

Years ago one of my best friends purchased a pinball machine and as would be expected he practiced and played that machine until he was the master. All of the locals (his friends) were no match to his supreme prowess. He doninated... The King... The Master... of them all.

I played the machine one weekend on a trip back to Cheltenham and found the machine slugish not as dynamic as expected and offered to clean it for him. I am now certain that he had no comprehension of what this would do to his standings in the town... I spent all weekend with my head inside that machine cleaning all of the relay contacts, applying switch cleaner, lubricating all the moving wheels cogs etc. I also worked on the playing surface, runs, rubbers and finally the ball (which was not quite round as a result of dirt build up.

I stood back and admired my relection in the glass and turned the machine back on... lights flashed pings were heard and the game came alive. Being a respectful guest I offerd the first play to my friend Mike. It was an unmitigated disaster...

The ball flashed out of the launch and disapeared down the end hole - not a point scored. He tried again, this time he managed to use the flipper to affect and the ball shot up the deck hit a rubber and was returned stright down the end hole again. I had rendered him to the status of a novice...

Later that evening local friends turned up beers were drunk we all got into the party mood and the 'machine' was inspected in all of its' clean glory.

Let's play someone suggested, Mike was a little hesitant infact reluctant to comply... Peer pressure fixed that and the machine was turned on. First up actually did quite well as he had more experience than the rest of us in the local arcade (he actually spent a lot of time in the local arcade). Others remaked on the differnce of the play and stepped up to play themselves and performed according to their skill. The cry went up for the KING to take his turn.

Mike stands in front of the machine fingers on the flipper buttons a picture of concentration - plunger cocked, ball launches and MIke scores a zero... The drunken croud errupt, Mike sets for the second ball another fat zero... I have demolished the king rendered him a serf a low life in the pinball community.

I don't do this to my friends anymore I stay well away from cleaning anyone elses machine and my friendship circle has remained intact...

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35 days ago
Great story, I totally thought it was going to end differently. A friend once asked me for help with a game, and I stupidly put the wrong fuse in when replacing a dead one. Sparks everywhere! (Game is fine, few!) The moral there is: do your game maintenance before everyone has a few beers to avoid careless errors!
35 days ago
Thanks for sharing, after a wax my game acts so much different...for the worse....LOL
34 days ago
Woe be you if you F__K up, you're now obligated to pay for and fix the damn thing.
21 days ago
Great story, thanks for sharing!

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