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7 years ago
Real early, so Ill update my review when the game gets finished, but I was overall unimpressed with the game. Not really much in music integrating with the game that I could tell, which would seem like a no brainer after how well ACDC did it. The art looks amazing, but I think everything else is just overhyped right now.
8 years ago
Really disappointing game. I really wanted to like it because I really liked the theme. But in the end, its a game in which I wouldn't be bothered too much if I never played another ball on it.
9 years ago
Played this at MGC and I found myself going back to it because its actually pretty difficult.
9 years ago
My second pin, I really like the theme as a comic nerd, and the game follows the humor of the comic well, and the art is fantastic. That said, I think this game is light on toys and features but it makes up for it in speed.
9 years ago
My boy Nick picked this up and its awesome. So much to do and the powerball feature is alot of fun.
9 years ago
I think Stern killed the theme on this one. Im not a NASCAR fan at all. But I still had a bit of a blast playing this one. I wish the game had better flow though; for all the zooming and excitement that happens on ball launch...the game can come to a grinding halt once it hits the main playfield.
9 years ago
What a huge disappointment. I love the Tron movies. Love them. The imagery from Tron is so strong but this pin just fails to use it in my opinion. 1 recognizer, maybe the disk behind it? Welp, thats it! lets call it a day. Maybe the LE is better, but Im not going to rate a game on its LE version. This is the version Stern wants normal people to play. And its sad.

-{EDIT}- After many plays Iv completely changed my mind about this. Iv come to appreciate it for both its degree of difficulty and ruleset. I ended up making if my first NIB wish the LE price hadn't been blown out of the atmosphere.
9 years ago
I get a huge kick out of this game. Its an accessible theme, the rule set is fun for beginners as well as more experienced players. I really love it.
9 years ago
Really? This was during Stern's weird period where they made a bunch of games based off drama TV shows. Its just not a good theme. I have played it a bit however, and at least the fish in the corner is fun.
9 years ago
Its not really a Creature game so much as its a Drive-Thru game. I think that throws people. Im maybe a little too young, as I only ever remember going to a drive-thru once when I was like 10. It just seems retro to me. Still, when you get the movie to start, its not hard to get excited!
9 years ago
This is the game Iv probably played most in my life. I will say that the rule set is simple and the game can be repetitive. HOWEVER, there is alot of unique fun to have with the speedbad, jump rope, and the actual fights. Great game for beginners to get them into pinball I think.
9 years ago
The first pin Iv ever owned. Maybe that taints my opinion but Im also a huge fan of the movies. I wish there was some interactivity to the path of the dead to make it a real upper pf. Thats about my only complaint on the design.
9 years ago
Iv only ever played this one time at a guy's house. But I was instantly into it. I thought the theme was kind of lame, really a monster band? But there is so much to do with all the universal monsters that I realized why its such a big deal.
9 years ago
The game that hooked me into pinball. I could never afford it but I will forever love it.