in the beginning there was one...

By Drickey86

February 11, 2019

2 years ago

What started off as a simple idea of what to get my boys for christmas 3 years ago when my dad brought in Gottliebs 1963 Slick chic. Pinball has turned into a massive hobby/obsession, Learnig how to diagnose repair and restore classic ems, early solid state games working my way into the late 80s-90s pins which is the golden age of pinball in my opinion.This hobbay has been a great way for myself my dad and my sons to venture into something all together. After buying and restoring my second machine 1980 Williams Black Knight I was officially hooked! One game at a time I love bringing these games back to life and better than their former glory.,Funny how from one simple em game hy house has turned into a living working piece of pinball history , 3 years in and  and no end in sight!

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2 years ago

Good story, I’ve been teaching my son to play.

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