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5 years ago
Really nice pinball machine. Lots of fun!
5 years ago
Fun pinball machine for a few games, but gets repetitive and boring very fast.
7 years ago
Nice. But it can get a bit repetitive and boring.
13 years ago
One of the main reasons why i love pinball.
This machine has it all. Its entertaining, challenging and music, sound and graphics are just awesome.
The ball time can be quite long, but if you remove extraballs and fiddle with the chair eject so it shoots hard to the flipper with spin it'll make it harder.
13 years ago
I'm addicted to this machine. You can play over and over again and always find a new gimmick. The lastability is awesome! Lots of modes and features, more than in any other pinball machine.
This is the one game that will never leave my collection.