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4 years ago
Very pretty and flashy game but boy what a snooze fest I owned one and sold it after only 2 weeks
4 years ago
This game is a sleeper for sure!!! It is so fun and fast I'd be willing to say it's faster than stern Star Trek and with the same amount of flow. The combos in this game make you feel like a pinball master. The big killer on this one is the theme, what a turd of a movie although after buying this pin I went back and watched the movie and really enjoyed it in a humorous slapstick bad acting kind of way lol. This game is sweet if you get a chance to get one grab it you won't be let down. :)
4 years ago
This game is so much fun and immersive. I can't stop playing it!!!
5 years ago
Don't think its a top 10 at all I hate TAF I have played it many times on locations and in the home environment and can't stand it at all still to this day....
5 years ago
Best stern pin ever it belongs in the top 3 pins ever!!!!