My Pinball Adventure

By Drake88

March 27, 2020

63 days ago

In about 1970 my dad was relocated to a small town in Illinois, I was about ten at the time.. ( I know I’m old ) . I got a paper route soon after, I felt super-cool because I had one of those coin dispensers you’d wear on your belt with the push buttons for each denomination...! ANYWAY, this all leads to the fact that I now had quarters, and what better to do with them then to feed pinball slots as much as I could, whenever I could sneak up to the arcade. I have lots of faded memories of the old wedgeheads and then the earliest solid state units as well. These days I’ll see some of those machines on the internet and go, “oh yeah!! used to play that one!!” Eventually I ended up joining the Navy and signed up to be an electronics technician. This is before anything digital, lots of vacuum tubes, overheating, overworked hf/uhf transmitters and receivers... Giant switchboards full of electromechanical switches kinda like a pinball machine! So to make a much longer story short, I finally bought my first machine in 2005 an amazing table, Williams "Whirlwind". I’ve since gotten it back to a very respectable example and play it still. it’s sooo fast sometimes!! Then in 2017 I finally said “one is never enough!” and got a hold of a real clean (once again Williams) "White Water" which is in my opinion one of the top “funnest games to play” of all time. My reflexes are still pretty darn good and I needed another.... So this year 2020, I acquired what will probably be the last (maybe) and yeah another Williams, "Tales of the Arabian Nights". It is currently being cleaned, pieced back together and being enjoyed by the wife and I. Pinball has always been in my life, and I’ll play till I can’t … maybe I’ll have the wife bury me in a cabinet when I’m finished! Until then let the silver balls roll!!

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