Pinball anxiety

By dragnana

February 21, 2020

45 days ago

Well it all began back in 2006.   I was watching TV on a Sunday afternoon as most guys tend to do on a day off.  When my phone started to ring. I answered it and it was my mother-in-law calling to tell me she found a pinball machine in the for sale section of the newspaper.  Not sure why she called me and told me this but I told her thanks for calling anyway. So a couple days went by and I began to think about what she had told me.  So I decided to call her and get the number for the add and maybe go check it out?  Might be fun. So I made arrangements with this guy named Steve to check it out. So the next night after work I went to Steve’s house to check out the pinball. And I had no idea of what I would be walking into. Steve kindle opens the door and I step into a pinball meca. I mean he has pinball in the bedroom and kitchen and driveway and the garage and the basement and the living room and parts are everywhere for the long lost who know what!  Being my first time and my first pinball I thought this is out of control! (No idea what was in my future). So we went to the garage and had to crawl undyand over and in front and behind and beside, and did I mention under? To get the pinball that’s for sale. And there it was my very first pinball machine it’s a Bally future spa. And man I was in love. I was so excited to bring this thing home and get to playing!!!  So after about an hour we got it out of the pinball graveyard and into the truck. I got it home in one piece and set it in my garage and yes it went into my wife’s side so she had to park outside. Hahah. But that’s when it became clear to me.  Like the clowds open up and the neighbors came from all over to play this strange pile of wood wires and dim lights. It was awesome. From that moment on I was hooked. I have had over a hundred on and over the years and I have seen a lot come and go but you never forget your 1st time. I love this life!!!

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38 days ago
I have a Future Spa as well, and it came to me in a similar manner. Great game - challenging, loud, and some of the weirdest art to be found on a machine.
37 days ago
Us guys will never forget our first!,,,,,Pinball machine that is.
33 days ago
That was worth reading for sure.
Guess the mother-in-law knew somethin'
all along 'eh?
20 days ago
Well-written. Good on you for following your gut.
18 days ago
Great first game. I can't wait to add a Future Spa to my collection.

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