By dr_regor

June 08, 2022

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21 days ago

In the back of my mind I've wanted to get a pinball machine.  I fell in love with a Target Alpha EM machine while visiting Quebec City.   I loved the mechanics of the EM machines, although I suck at playing them.   Pressure grew as a friend picked up a Judge Dredd and my father-in-law got a Bally Viking.   I loved playing and trouble shooting Viking, and soon really wanted one of my own.   The combination of mastering the machine along with tweaking it to make it your own really spoke to me. 

I began a year of looking for the right machine.   Theme, Type and price all played a roll, I wanted a SS that was space themed, since horror might scare the kids.  

After a year of watching kijiji, facebook etc, a few missed chances and dissapointment, I finally found a Firepower in my price range.   Having missed out on chances in the past, I wanted to be as quick as possible closing the deal, while also making sure it wasn't a scam.   The machine was taken apart, and had not been used for three years, but claimed it was "working" before they moved.   I was very stressed, gambling on the machine, putting down a small deposit, and then driving three hours to pick the machine up.  All the while worried the seller would change their mind, sell it to some one else, or just ghost me.  

My trepidation slowly dissapated as the seller was real, the machine was in decent shape, just not used, and had been with the family for 25 years.   I loaded the machine up, and drove it home.  My final worries turned to excitment as I put the machine together, tweaked a few things, and heard the "FirePower!" start up voice.

A side note, the "Few Tweaks" to get it functional, my eldest was excited to find that the tilt mechanics had been removed, he doesn't tilt but guess the risk bothers him.  When I first powered the machine on, one of the pop bumpers was just continually firing.   When I investigated I found the tilt pendulum had fallen off, and was shorting out the pop bumper.   Long story short machine fixed and my kid can't tilt the table.

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