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7 months ago
The craftsmanship is not there. Not like playing a Bally Williams pin. I love Rob Zombie and mentioned to make a Marilyn Manson pinball to the owner. He replied, "anti people now you gone too far".
7 months ago
Never seen this game on location. Played it at the Pinball Expo and it didn't keep me interested. This high end pinball machine is not on my wishlist.
7 months ago
Played this at the Pinball Expo. It was fun and I love the band.
7 months ago
There was a very limited production of this game. I played it at the Pinball Expo and it keeps me interested. Some games I play a couple tries and move on. If your thinking about being an owner, play the game, and if it keeps you playing over and over again, then she is the one.
7 months ago
Played this at the Pinball Expo and at Pacman Entertainment, and the ball unusually falls. I can't seem to keep it going. Great coin taker though.
7 months ago
Played at the Pinball Expo and the flippers were not as good as Bally Williams.
7 months ago
Good commercial quality equipment. Keeps me playing.