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6 months ago
Art is so so.
Call outs and screem presentation work very well for a generic dino theme, which it is, consider the almost total lack of movie assets.

That said, besides the clunky watch tower shoot, it shoots hard, but great.
The ruleset i would say, is second to none.

The t-rex is fun, the pit doesn't matter, so from a players perspective the pro is fine.

I consider this one of the greatest ever made and have a hard time seeing it ever leave a five pin collection.
6 months ago
Jjp's weakest so far.
Looks great, lighting is great, sound is great, but the music score gets crazy repetetive fast.

Shots are nice but few, easy and repetetive.
Toys wise it's terrible, tiki pinball and the screen is so bad, it's offensive.
If collector edition were half the price i consider it for guests, since it says toy story on the sides.
3 years ago
The theme and the ruleset really made me loose interest fairly fast.
It's really nice decorated with stuff like the theater, but the lack of meaning made so it never took of for me.
There is clearly quality in the game, just not fun and interesting enough.
My least favored jjp.
3 years ago
Opinions allways vary, but this is my favorite game. The immersion and wizard modes are just insanely fun.

Two more things had made it perfect.

A descending ramp from smaug over the dwarf target bank, when you have windlance, so that it then lowers and enable you to hit smaug. AS it is now, it´s seems half done and doesn´t really work dramatically in the game.

A couple of more wizardmodes like barrelrun, into the fire and battle of the five armies.
Three seems short and i´ve had lots of game, when you do them all over.
3 years ago
An excellent game that stands the test of time. Not sure it would be a perfect fit in a home environment, due to lack of rules and modern presentation, but excellent aproachability and instant fun.
This needs to be experienced.
4 years ago
Looks great. Lighting, sound and music is great and i love ac/dc.

Not so great. The bell is just silly. If you hit it perfect, it´s a guaranteed drain sdtm.
The ramps are lackluster and the lower pf is really not entertaining at all.

A gem to watch and hear, but not much more.

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