Trying to sell my Barracora pinball machine (Update: sold)

Trying to sell my Barracora pinball machine (Update: sold)

By dpbiker63

December 17, 2017

7 months ago

Update: this game is now sold.

I have a Barracora pinball machine that I would like to sell to someone who can give it a good home.  I've had this pinball machine for about 30 years.  Had many early years of play but started having some mechanical problems with it years ago, and I had divorced the pinball machine mechanic.  I hired a mechanic occasionally but because of my decrease in household income, I couldn't afforded to pay for repairs for "fun".  I had plenty of other expenses for "survival".  Once I had more income to afford repairs again, I couldn't find anyone who would do them. 

I've decided I'd just like to sell this to someone who understands the workings of pinball machines.  Currently, what I've been told is that 2 solenoids are burnt.  That appears to be the only thing that is preventing this from working.  Someone who I considered a friend, diagnosed it, took the burnt solenoids, and never returned.  He's been very difficult to reach, and when I've reached him he's promised he'd be over to replace the solenoids that he took, and he never returns. 

This has been a great machine when it's worked.  I've always thought I'd find someone dependable who could do the repairs and I'd be back to playing, but that's never happened, and I need the space in my house back.  If you’d have any interest in purchasing this, please contact me. I am happy to answer any questions that I can, or provide any additional photos.  Thank you.  Denise

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