Pinball: A Graphic History of the Silver Ball

By DougVonDoom

April 09, 2022

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38 days ago

I just got my copy of the newly release graphic novel "Pinball: A Graphic History of the Silver Ball" by Jon Chad and holy hell I couldn't be more excited to share this! 

Jon Chad does for pinball what Scott McCloud did for comic books with "Understanding Comics". He leverages graphic art to tell the history of pinball, starting in 1776 with Bagatelle in King Louis XVI of France's court to Roger Sharpe's Manhattan courtroom appearance, to the 90's boom, bust and modern day pinball. If you are fan of comics, don't miss this. If you are a pinsider... don't miss this! 

Amazon Link to the Book [HERE]

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27 days ago

sir, have placed an order, sir!

24 days ago

I just received mine yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Well done.

23 days ago

Extremely well done book! It is well worth ordering!

21 days ago

I was surprised by just how well done this book is. Make sure you get a copy. Well worth it!

20 days ago

Yes...great book...learned a lot of the history of pinball that I didn’t know about

19 days ago

My library got a copy, now lots of folks can borrow this interesting book. This will appeal to teens, young adult readers and us pin-nuts. The art is really very clever.

13 days ago

Just got my copy - brilliant work. Love it.

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