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By doublerj

November 20, 2022

6 days ago

My name is Ryan and I started playing pinball (Funhouse) at college in the rec room at the University of Minnesota - Duluth that had the machine in the mid/late 90's.  When I moved off campus, the laundromat I did my laundry at had (ironically) Funhouse also.  Needless to say, I pumped way more quarters into that machine than I did for my laundry with absolutely no regrets.

Now when I come home from work late at night, there is a movie theater on the way home that has both Funhouse and High Speed II that I'll put some money into to have that nostalgia.  I do have a full sized custom arcade machine with over 5,000 games on it and also a custom full size virtual pinball machine and I love playing them both.  There is extra room in my basement that I'd like to add a couple pinball machines from the 90's to complete my slow growing man cave.  Would love to learn more about the history, how the machines work, maintenance and meet a group of cool people that have the same interest as I do.

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