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6 months ago
Great game, love the layout. Simple but tough, keeps you coming back for more. Especially gratifying is the shot up the left and right side to get the ball back in the LIGHTS 10X bonus hole... a key shot in the game for high scores. This game affords lots of great rebound shots, and for me, opportunities to utilize advanced flipper skills to ensure hitting all targets down with the 10X bonus... love it as a kid, love it now, and will be in my small collection forever.
6 months ago
Enjoyable game. Top 35? No.
6 months ago
Fantastic game, cool shots up left and right side, as well as the shot to smoke the advance buttons and hitting the top center target - just awesome. Game suffers from not so great lighting on the playfield. Backglass bagatelle switch blades very susceptible to cracking, and very hard to find a replacement - I crafted my own but it was tricky. Williams slow score motors of the time give the score reels a clunky, lower quality feeling as well. That being said, great overall game with a uniquely fun playfield.
6 months ago
Great all-around. Stands up to other EMs from the 70s as a game that keeps you coming back for another round of plays. Wonderful period artwork, with a great backglass. Highly rated.
6 months ago
Had this game for many years... super fun, love pf and backglass art. Cabinet art not very inspiring to say the least.
6 months ago
decent game, not worthy of the number 1 EM for sure.
6 months ago
Powerful game, great EM!
1 year ago
Theme stinks, game is super! This game is getting a WIZARD transformation.
2 years ago
Decent overall game, but nothing that really drives that "just one more game" feeling that better titles offer. The spinners are kinda cool, but the overall idea of dropping out lit numbers as portrayed on the playfield just somehow misses the mark. Could be that it's a random score, and since it's quite a large part of the potential scoring on this game, that's NOT something I want to see in a pinball... award the player with good shots.... not some random score!!! Not one of GTB's better wedgies in my opinion.
2 years ago
Just an overall snooze-o-rama. I've restored one, and played one back in the day, and am very familiar with the gameplay, ruleset, etc. I would never consider this game as a portion of my collection. There are just too many games better than this one. Goofy artwork doesn't do it for me either.
3 years ago
Game is nice, but too easy to beat with above average ball control skills... gets a bit boring for me after a while.
3 years ago
Great game... nice rule set/can’t beat the Korea-designed tic tack toe board...pointy people art is top notch.
3 years ago
Fantastic game layout... pop the left side spinner to increase bonus and hit the middle out hole for bonus scrore... beware of bottom left and right pops that make mandatory ball control more difficult. Hit right side to down the drop target bank for score/extra ball/special. Beautiful artwork on backglass and playfield. Cabinet art is ok; downgrading since the inferior maroon paint suffered fade much more than just about any other game out there.
7 years ago
This game is one of Gottlieb's most disappointing efforts of the period IMO, cool theme for sure matching the period, but it just doesn't hold up; a snooze fest!
7 years ago
Beautiful game - cabinet, playfield, backglass - fabulous art package, one of the most beautiful pinball machines ever produced. Not only that, gameplay matches the artwork - it's a wonderful game for a skilled player - with multiple goals tied to different skill shots from both left and right side. Love the two bonus ladders, the neat side lanes, great design to light extra ball... plus that awesome row of drops and to top that off the in-line drops on the right side... holy crap, it doesn't get better than that; what else do you want in a pin?
7 years ago
My first EM purchase. This is the game that got me hooked on the silver ball back in 1972. Although a lot of WMS games came out during this time, this one rises above... Great DC action in the pops and slings... make 3 in a row on the TIC TAC TOE board or go for the fools gold 4 corners shot for 2 or 3 replays depending on setting. I also like the shot to make S or L side lanes from the bottom to help light S-P-E-C-I-A-L. Fantastic game, will never leave my collection.
7 years ago
Very underrated game. Nice use of the 4 flip configuration... for once, there is an actual use for the 2 inch flips - better angle at the left/right upper kickouts while the 3 inch flips are more apt to nail targeted left/right drops. Avoiding ball side to side action increases your odds of a longer ball. I don't like the 3 ball setting, as it makes the game more of a pop bumper fest, since pops are 1K at 3 ball. At 5 ball setting, I love this game! Playfield and backglass Art is kinda cool, but the cabinet art is a downer.. black/puke orange doesn't cut it for a jungle-themed game.
7 years ago
Not sure why I like this game, but finely tweaked, with those snappy flips and quirky bally drop targets, along with a sharply sloped game (5- 6 degrees), this game ROCKS! Definitely a lot of fun.. I always seem to gravitate to this game at the shows... they made a lot (over 11K EM/SS, so there's typically one decent example on the floor... I also like the chime sounds on this game. Backglass is a bit on the dopey side, but other than that, you can't go wrong with having this in your EM collection.
7 years ago
this game is a beauty, hands down. Fabulous colors, and the artwork is nicely done. However for some reason, this game just doesn't really do it for me... I love parts of the game, but it just doesn't provide that "have to come back for one more game" feeling like other EMs, and I'm a drop target guru. Fun game to restore though, Gottlieb quality shines through.
7 years ago
Game is unique, but too easy to beat. Got rid of it a few years after having a real nice example. Pretty game, and liked the special target feature.
7 years ago
Combination of backglass/cabinet colors among the worst in pinball art history...horrible, and the rock theme really isn't supported with features on the game... so in that regard it's disappointing. On the other hand, it's a fun game to play - given the game is shopped well and plays at the speed designed. I suggest angling up a bit to get the most out of the game, and to make ball control more challenging to the player. It's a snoozer if the playfield slope is too flat and/or the kickers aren't sensitive enough. I do love the target protected outhole, and the bonus buildup/free ball features... I think I might set it up as an AAB, although I have the replay version.
7 years ago
Great game, great design, keeps you coming back for more... maybe not a game for the ultimate player, but an excellent game to hone the skills necessary to becoming a good SS player.
7 years ago
I was never a fan of the reverse flipper setup until I shopped out a GTB Globetrotter, and loved the play of that game. Fast forward a few years, and I purchased a Hit N run locally, and over the next year restored it to its former glory. It's a fantastic game - replays via score, runs, and 2 different special features. Strategic placement of bumpers and kickers, and the ability to make long shots up the playfield with the relatively strong flips, makes this game a blast to play. I wasn't planning on keeping it in my collection, but now that I've played it many hundreds of plays, it's staying with me!