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11 months ago
The game has a unique lay-out and is fun to play. I look forward to code updates which I think will take this game to the next level.
11 months ago
Very unusual game that follows virtual no expectations in terms of design and artwork. The center horseshoe shot which feeds the catapult is fun and addictive to hit. The upper playfield is simple but cool to flip. The molded plastics are strangely endearing. The cabinet shape is unique and interesting. The backglass art is primitive and features a nude banana-yellow woman. The slings are a bizarre but functional mechanical design seen on no other machine. In a large collection this oddity is fun and engaging.
1 year ago
Shocking to me how low the rating on this oddball, but extremely lovable game is here on Pinside. Time Fantasy is without a doubt one of the most unique games ever built. Tough to get to Snail Time, but so worth it. Beyond Snail Time though is the artwork which is a trip, and the solid gameplay which is ever challenging. The horseshoe/U-turn shot could be the whole game, but it is not. True, once you dial it in you can hit it all day to max it out at 100K, but trying to dial it in from scratch is a side-drainer's nightmare. Overall Time Fantasy is an awesome tournament game, and a great one for the player who likes to mix it up.
1 year ago
Future Spa! So many things to like about this game. There is the playfield artwork first of all-- absolutely gorgeous Dave Christensen renderings of beautiful, bountiful and languid women. The backglass by Faris is comical, strange, and very naughty. Then the gameplay-- challenging and tough. So difficult to rack a great score on this widebody. The drop targets are set in the perfect spot, and the satisfaction of plinking them down and having the ball return directly to the flippers for another try is a magical feeling. I never really tire of Future Spa, and I rank it in the top 5 of classic Bally games, and 2nd of the Bally widebodies behind only that masterpiece, Paragon. And don't forget the unique special effect 3D sparkle of the Future Spa logo on the backglass, so inventive for 1980.
1 year ago
Mata Hari is a simple game that is endlessly fun due to a beautiful symmetrical layout and absolutely top-notch Dave Christensen art. The geometry is just perfect for such a simple game, and it is a must have for any fan of classic Bally games.
1 year ago
Af-Tor is a super surprising early solid state game. Fast for a widebody with interesting rules and features.
2 years ago
Gusher is undoubtably one of the greatest woodrails ever built. With the unique invention of a disappearing pop bumper-- later used by JPOP in Cirqus Voltaire-- and very shootable Harry Williams geometry, Gusher makes for a challenging and fun game. In addition, the George Molentin artwork on the backglass, the vibrant color combinations and hand-drawn typography used on the playfield are just gorgeous, if not perfect. Trying to get the maximum score of 8,990,000 is very difficult, and I've never actually seen anyone do it!
3 years ago
This game is a perfect example of superlative design in an early solid-state game. Geometry and shots are fantastically simple, but always challenging. Rules are likewise simple, but perfect. Beyond the playfield and backglass art, which are some of Paul Faris' best work, the game is FUN.
10 years ago
Greatest game ever made if you are rating based on "Bang For Buck." Challenging and constantly drawing me back in, game after game.
12 years ago
Beautiful game. Good retro fun. Not deep, but keeps you coming back. Sound can get annoying. Artwork makes up for other flaws.

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