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5 years ago
Backglass is very nice it has the blinking lamps effect on the women edges very cool for 1967 era, I found hard this game after 3 years of digging I still have to repaint the cabinet into the original design . Wiggler deserves a better place in ranking closer to Cappersvile
6 years ago
best back glass from data east
best music an theme selection data east
this machine deserve a better place
6 years ago
one of the best of sys11
6 years ago
STNG belong to top 10 the week point is that machine has to have all features going as to play the missions , an opto to ball through dirty or on subway ramp or a broken wire of cannon looms make the machine total out of order and can not be played
7 years ago
the engine get broke to easy unreliable technique
7 years ago
I need a hologram ::))
7 years ago
the best zipper flipper
7 years ago
a game ahead of its time
7 years ago
7 years ago
adventure never die !
7 years ago
best machine ever made