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43 days ago
Played this and the premium version. Both are fine.... not bad games, not good games. They're fine. The artwork really turns me off. Getting similar vibes to how I felt when I saw Rush. Just lousy artwork, is how I felt. The pro translight seems lazy to make it the movie poster. Sadly, Franchis translate goes for way too much as a replacement.

The game has interesting shots, but this (for me) is Elwins' worst game.... which isn't hard to do as the man makes awesome pins. I admire his unique shots in this, but they aren't particularly satisfying. I do enjoy the premium more, but not be a ton.
11 months ago
So I have no affinity for the Elvira theme. I can take or leave it. And yet, this theme works super well for pinball as Elvira has a history with pinball.

I love the rules on this. There are tons of modes and multiballs, and yet you don't feel overrun with them like many jjp games lately. With two ball lock locations, you don't suddenly start a multiball without warning.

The game knows what it is, and what it is is fun. The playfield shoots incredibly smoothly, but is a basic old fan. But fan layouts are popular for a reason, and this doesn't stray away from that. Again, speaking of software, Lyman tends to make games that are good for both beginners and experts, and he did it again, here. Absolutely lnocks it out of the park.

Super impressed by the game. Not the best game ever, but certainly an incredibly well done game. Does many things and does them all very well.
12 months ago
So this is the first game I've played and literly said "wow" many times as I shot it. I smiled playing this when I first put a few games on it, which I don't think I've done since Deadpool. If you've played pinball for a long time, you'll still have never seen some of the things the ball does in this game. Speaking of Deadpool, this game clearly was inspired by it. If you like the katana shot, this has more funky geometry like that.

I ranked many things very high, but not the toys as on the pro model there literly isn't one. Also at the time of this review, it is missing half the callouts (god I hope, because if this is all, the rank will have to come down).

I had played the pro on location and loved it so much I ordered a premium. Played the premium and didn't like it as much, so I changed it to pro. Pro has better artwork and I hate that upper playfield. However the premium has the dead post/sculpts and the ability to add expression lighting. Those didn't raise it enough for me. Pro all day on this one.

Either model you'll love. Terrific effort by Jack Danger. And this is, imo, Zombie Yeti's best artwork yet... which is a monumental feat.
4 years ago
Every single time I play this game it is a mother effing adventure. If I had to own only one machine forever, this is now it. Unbelievable multi tasking is required for this game, and it feels like you're an an actual adventure. So incredible and super under rated. I get it. When you look at it and know nothing about it, it looks like a big empty boring playfield with a top flipper that goes to nowhere. Guys.... play it. The beasts that pop are are vital to the game. The modes are all programmed incredibly well, and there is depth for days. Best assets in all of pinball and super hard yet satisfying to shoot. The way they programmed the game to use every switch, every drop target, every rollover is incredible. Every time I play this game, and usually I get destroyed playing it, i keep thinking it is the best game i have ever played.... and I've played a ton.

Edit: lowering the score a bit. Each game takes a while for you to have a good game on.

I do find one fatal flaw in this game: that is the dependence of hitting the inlane roll overs to light and activate the beasts to pop up. You have two inlanes per flipper, but only one is fed from the ramps. So this means you either have to be lucky to get the outside lanes to have a ball roll over, or lane pass to them. Lane passing isn't a skill many players have, nor find particularly exciting. And once you do get the roll over to hit, you have only seconds to make a fairly hard beast mech shot or you have to do it all over again twice to get the shot to reappear. Very important parts of the game rely on incredibly unfun game mechanics.
4 years ago
I mean, what can I say? This may very well be the perfect machine for me. From the first time I laid eyes on this machine I was blown away. Absolutley in awe. I played it and was even more astounded. How/why did they put this many toys in a machine? And yet, it doesn't feel cluttered. The shots are smooth. The play is fun. And lots of exciting places for the ball to go.

Let's talk about theme. The seemingly one thing people all hate. To me, this theme is amazing. Not some old washed up band. Not a TV show from the 60s. An actual contemporary and original theme. Disaster meets technology meets sim city. I find it super compelling, and it is one of the parts of the game I love. The theme gives you open reign to do whatever you want, and don't prohibit any sounds or shots due to license issues.

I literally almost gave this game a perfect score, but deducted one point for playfield due to not liking the way the insert art looks (looks cheap to me).

Love this game. My favorite pinball machine to date. Don't own one but I plan to very very soon.

To reference my tastes in pinball, my other favorites are TWD, LOTR, Doctor Who, Getaway, Road Show, and The Shadow. This trumps them all.

Update: after playing the game extensively, this is easily the best game I've ever played. I love the hell out of the theme, and once you get past the spectacle of lights and toys, there is a very very fun game. It really feels, to me, like an homage to Pat. You can play the game in a few ways, beyond just mode mode mode (which are also compelling to play). Just a fantastic game.
5 years ago
So, Doctor Who.... it may be my favorite game I've ever played. It isn't pretty (that translite.... barf), and the sound effects sorta suck, but my god are the shots the most satisfying in any game ever. I usually play for score on every pinball machine, but with DW, I have such fun just shooting the shots that I don't terribly care of i have a great game or not. The W H O shots are some of the most zen, satisfying shots ever. And I could hit the side ramp all day long. It's strange, as the centerpiece is the time expander, but the other shots are so smooth and satisfying that I almost dont even care about the time expander toy (which is amazing).

Edit: every time I play this, I know in my heart I'll never play a game more fun. It is without a doubt my favorite game of all time, and I've come to the conclusion nothing shall ever overtake it in my heart. I had to change my rating to a perfect 10. I don't expect everyone to feel how I do, but dammit... I've played tons and tons of games, and this will never be beat. Never.

Edit edit: Okay, I've had no less than three people bitch that this isn't a 10. So I have fairly adjusted my art and sound scores to appropriate levels.
12 years ago
Why this game isn't more popular, I will never know.
12 years ago
Amazing game? No. No no no. Fun as heck? Absolutely. Great feeling game, with one of the most satisfying shots in pinball.
12 years ago
If this were a Williams pin, it would be top three. It almost is already, which is saying something. The theme is a huge plus, and it just gets better from there. Stern's best effort to date. Second deepest rules ever, great amount of shots, and tons of calls/music/tasks. All this amazing pin packed with only two flippers. Every game feels awesome even when you only get half way to actually beating it!
14 years ago
I had to change my rating of this after owning it for a while. The game is fun, but it is a mechanical nightmare. The clock just plain doesn't work well as it was poorly designed from the get go. Losing balls out the left outlane due to no fault of the player's is really upsetting as well. Still a very good game, but the sound quality and unfair play and clunkiness caused me to lower it a bit. Great game, but has its problems.

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